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How UNBOUND Writing Changes the World [Part 8: Writing in a way that has impact]

Welcome back, UNBOUND one. This is the 8th and the final blog post in the "How UNBOUND Writing changes the world" series. In this part, we are diving into writing in a way that has impact.


Writing in a way that makes the most powerful impact is something we have spoken to already throughout this series - but I want to re-iterate this point because it's SO important.

It can help you to create this really powerful momentum, and make your book-writing process incredibly potent.

You have to be willing to allow yourself to be transformed personally by the process of writing your book. It becomes this dynamic process that is impacting on you in this gorgeously expansive way as you write.

So rather than thinking about your writing as, ‘Okay, I'm just gonna write, and this is for my reader’, instead you allow yourself to be fully impacted by your writing as you're moving through the process.

You go first.

You allow yourself to be transformed.

That creates the space for your reader to be transformed by your writing in the most powerful way.

This completely changes the energy of your writing.

It becomes infused with this quality of transformation. Your readers can FEEL that. And when you're sharing throughout the writing process, your audience can feel that as well.

It's transmuting your experience into gold, so your writing becomes this alchemical process. This is what makes unbound writing so powerful.

And breathe...

So let's just take a breath there and allow everything you’ve just read to land in your body. Take a few deep breaths right down into your belly, breathing right down into your womb space, your creative centre. Ask yourself the question: "What would it be like to write the book that changes your life?" When I say THE book, I mean the book that is going to have the most impact for you and your audience right now.

That doesn't mean you're only ever going to write ONE book. I can pretty much guarantee that once you get started, if you haven't started already, there will be more books. But there is this specific book that wants to come through you at this time. So also asking the questions: - What do you want to create with and around your book?

- What is your most unbound vision for the book that you want to write?

Are you feeling the call? If you are, you’ll feel it in your body. It will likely feel like some sort of excitement and expansion. Are you feeling that right now? Well if you are, I have an invitation for you. It's an invitation to commit and to gain unstoppable momentum in your book-writing.

To embark on your own unbound writing journey, click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory chat.

Stay magical, UNBOUND one,

Nicola x

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