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How UNBOUND Writing Changes the World [Part 6: Create]

Welcome back, UNBOUND one, to the "How UNBOUND Writing changes the world" series. In Part 6, we are exploring the third stage of the UNBOUND writing process: creating.


Stage three of the UNBOUND writing process is to create.

This is about being in that active place of creation and writing. This involves really trusting that whatever is coming through is exactly what needs to emerge. This is going to entail allowing the unknowing in places.

I've learned to trust this through my own personal writing process, and to recognise the power of allowing yourself to sit in the unknowing. I’ve also seen this happen through supporting women in my Unbound Writing Mastermind, and also The Unbound Press authors, all of whom have gone through at some point a stage of ‘I don't know what I'm really writing about! I'm not really clear on what's coming through’.

But, when we allow ourselves to stay with the writing process, it does become clear. We do get that clarity. We do move into knowing.

There's a cyclical nature to the creative process and it's vital to trust that.

This stage is also about prioritising your writing.

So I believe in writing in alignment with your cyclical nature, allowing the ebbs and flows of your creativity and not writing in a rigid way.

I also encourage you to harness the power of divine discipline.

As an unbound woman, the idea of discipline might have you running for the hills. I know it did for me! But, this is about thinking of discipline as being in service to the divine, thinking of your writing as being in service to the divine, in service to something greater, which it is.

Particularly when you're writing in this unbound way, you're bringing through ideas and the fullest expression of your story, which is going to have such a world-changing impact on your readers.

So it really IS in service to something greater.

When we see our writing practice like that, it helps us to harness the power of discipline and create this really gorgeous momentum.

I encourage you to explore how you can write in alignment with your cyclical nature.

We're each impacted by many different cycles, your own personal menstrual cycle if you have one, the cycle of the moon, the cycle of the seasons, and your own creative cycle.

So you're going to feel different at different times; and that's okay.

There's been this idea around writing that if you're going to write, if you're going to be a writer, you have to show up every day at your desk and just write. I disagree with that.

Like I’ve been saying, you want to have this sense of divine discipline. But also, there will be days when you feel super inspired, and the words are just flowing, and that’s great. There will be other times of your cycle where it feels like you want to be more in planning mode or editing mode.

This is about harnessing and allowing that. There will be times when it feels like nothing is coming through, you're just feeling blank. There are certain days during my cycle when I feel like that. And that's okay.

Rather than trying to force it, we allow ourselves to write in alignment with our cyclical nature.

This is about allowing and trusting your unique process, which will become clearer and clearer as you write, as you go through the book-writing process.


In the final blogs in this series, we will be looking at the last stage of the UNBOUND writing process, Community.

Until then, UNBOUND one,

Nicola x

PS. If you don't want to wait to embark on your own unbound writing journey, I'd love to find out more about you and your writing plans. Click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory chat.

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