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How UNBOUND Writing changes the world [Part 3]

Welcome back, UNBOUND one. This is part 3 of "How UNBOUND Writing changes the world". You can read Part 1 right here Part 2 is right here.


So what is unbound writing?

It's to write from your Unbound Self, the fullest, freest you, who has no inclination to hold back, edit, or dim her light.

You might be reading that and thinking, but I DO feel like holding back a lot of time. And if you do, it's no surprise. We're encouraged to hold back, to dim our lights, to censor

ourselves in LOTS of different ways throughout our lives. That's why I really like to bring your Unbound Self into the book-writing process. So she's there. She's got your back. She’s always up for being so beautifully, magnificently, fully expressed.

She’s going to help pull you through when any doubts and inclination to

hold back is coming up for you.

Unbound writing is a way of connecting with and activating others through what you express. So, this idea that you write a book, and it's a solitary process, and at the end you say ‘Ta-da, here's my book’, is NOT unbound writing.

What I want to encourage you to do is to be connecting with your audience, with your readers, with your potential readers, throughout the writing process.

As you're doing that, and you're sharing around what you're writing, what's coming through in your process, you're already creating a sense of activation within them.

You're opening them up to new possibilities, as you're opening yourself up to new possibilities.

So it becomes this gorgeous, synergistic upward spiral where you're having an expansive impact on people right from the beginning of your writing process.

This also helps to anchor you into a greater sense of confidence in your own unique magic, what you're here to share with the world, because you're inviting people into the process all the way along; you're receiving feedback from them, and insights from them, and awarenesses from them, which are

helping to inform your writing and really anchor you into your unique process.

Unbound writing is a way to channel the voice of your soul onto the page, giving her a place to speak, play, and experiment.

So I think it's really freeing to see the whole book-writing process as a playful experience.

When you see it like this, you know you can't get it wrong. You really give yourself permission to experiment. You allow whatever wants to come through to come through, and trust that in some way, it’s coming through for the book.

Maybe it goes into the book directly, or maybe it's just for you to express in order to clear space for whatever does want to come through.

But you trust that it really is the voice of your soul that you're bringing through. You're clearing that space.

You're making that space for your soul to be able to express whatever she wants to express. It's allowing your writing to be an alchemical process. You are transformed as you write.

In turn, that creates a space for your readers to experience their own powerful transformation.

What that does, when you know that even when it feels challenging, when you're writing your book, even when you're feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable around something that you're going to be writing about and sharing it with the world, when you know that by allowing yourself to

experience any feelings of discomfort or challenge that may be coming up for you, you are actually making space. You're clearing the way for your reader to experience their own transformation. Again, that can help to pull you through.

It’s as if you say, ‘Yeah. I'm choosing to go first. I'm allowing myself to feel this. I'm allowing myself to move through this. And that is going to be so powerful for my reader'. Because the energy of that really infuses your writing.

It creates this energetic space for your readers to have a very powerful experience when they're reading your book.

This is what helps us to write the kind of books that people feel incredibly activated when they're reading them. They feel the sense of transformation, and they can't wait to tell their friends about it. The word of mouth around these books that are written in an unbound way is very powerful.

Unbound written books have a long lifetime, too, because your book will keep on getting passed on to more and more people and the word about it will keep getting spread. {Read about UNBOUND author Sarah Lloyd's unbound writing experience here, and Erica Walther's process here}.

Over the next few blogs in this series, we will be looking at the 4 stages of the UNBOUND writing process. Until then, UNBOUND one, Nicola x PS. If you don't want to wait to embark on your own unbound writing journey, I'd love to find out more about you and your writing plans. Click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory chat.

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