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Hear what our amazing authors say about working with the Unbound Press.

Natalie Windle Fell.JPG

Writing my book was an incredible journey that I will never forget. Nicola and Unbound Press took such great care of me through the entire publishing process and were such amazing mentors (and friends!) There's really nothing better than feeling like you have a family behind you, cheering you on and supporting you all the way through. AND all of the Unbound authors are insanely amazing human beings with powerful stories to match. Thank you Unbound, from the bottom of my heart!!

Natalie Windle-Fell, Author of rude awakening

Ceryn Roundtree, Author of The Divine Feminist.

Tara Jackson (1).jpg

I literally just KNEW I was going to publish my first book with The Unbound Press, this then turned into two books (with a third and an Oracle deck on the way)! I felt the co-creative energy and alignment with my work, even though it's hard to put into words, and it continues to unfold in magical ways.

Tara Jackson, Author of Embodied and Embodied Business

What I have appreciated most about working with The Unbound Press is the permission to be myself throughout the whole process. From my initial chat with Nicola, to getting her feedback on my manuscript, to the editing and design process, and finally to the launch of my book into the world...I felt totally supported and honoured through it all by each member of the team that I worked with. 


I knew from the start that the whole ethos of Unbound Press was speaking to turn traditional publishing on its head and to honour our transformative stories, knowing that when we find our voice and share our story, there is an alchemical process that takes place. In these times that we are living in, that is something to be treasured and acknowledged, I think.


I would totally recommend going on your book writing journey with Nicola and the team at Unbound. You will feel held, respected, encouraged and heard as you take your story out into the world.

Vikki Smisek (1).jpg

Victoria Smisek, Author of Falling Awake: A Heroine’s Journey

Natalie Farrell, Author of Light the Way

Anna Sansom pic-2.JPG

I love being part of The Unbound Press. I have huge respect for Nicola and the work she does. I like being part of such an eclectic group of authors. And the Unbound Press team members are great to work with. If you are ready to offer your book to the world, and you want to do it in a way that aligns with your Unbound spirit, I'd recommend publishing with The Unbound Press.

Anna Sansom, Author of Desire Lines

Finding The Unbound Press felt like coming home and the biggest draw for me was being encouraged to share my voice, unfiltered. Birthing your first book into the world is a joyful and scary experience. It brought up so much for me and Nicola's support was invaluable - I felt seen and held at every stage. If you're feeling the call to work with Nicola and her team, trust that inner nudge and go for it - you won't be disappointed.

Dr Sarah Coxon, Author of Way of the Priestess

Sarah Coxon (1).jpg

Jo Gifford, Author of Unbox Your Brilliance

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