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How UNBOUND Writing changes the world [Part 1]

Hello, UNBOUND one. I'm Nicola Humber, author of Heal Your Inner Good Girl and UNBOUND, transformational writing mentor, and founder of The Unbound Press, a soul-led publishing imprint for unbound women.

As you've probably noticed, I've already used the word unbound quite a few times. It expresses the essence of what I'm here to do in the world, which is to really help women to be their fullest, freest selves.

That's EXACTLY what unbound writing is about.

Unbound writing is a very specific process for book writing. The intention is that it helps you to write the book that changes YOUR life, that creates transformation in your life throughout the writing process and beyond.

I know what you might be thinking: Hmm, that's a bit selfish. I want to write a book to help other people, to help create transformation for my readers’. I already know that's the case. If you're here reading this, then I'm pretty sure that you want to be deeply of service to others. You're here to do wonderful things in the world. You’re here to be part of changing the world and creating new ways as the old ways fall away. That’s a given.

What I want to help you do in order to create momentum in your book- writing process, and to write the most powerful book for you right now, is to write the one that changes your life first. Here’s why:

If you're creating transformation in your own life through the writing process, you’re making space for your reader to experience the same.

Imagine what it would be like to write a book that activates this wonderful, expansive, abundant change in your life. Choose to be connected with that possibility. Through my own personal experience of writing two transformational books and supporting many other women through this process, I know that writing a book is one of the most powerful things you can do to create deep transformation in your own life, in your business (if you have one), and in the world.

I'm passionate about helping others to create world-changing books. I really, wholeheartedly, believe that we can change the world one book at a time. I would love you to be part of that.

I know that so many women have been feeling the call to write a book - maybe for the longest time. Pretty much every woman I come into contact with has been experiencing this call to write a book, or is in the process of writing a book. But the majority of us get stuck in this place of procrastination, doubt, and distraction. And believe me, I know! I've been there. Before I made a really strong commitment to write my first book, Heal Your Inner Good Girl. I spent YEARS in procrastination, doubt, and distraction. My book-writing always got pushed to the bottom of my priority list, when actually I wish that I'd written it much sooner. Once I started writing my books and sharing them with the world, that's when everything opened up for me. Personally, in my business, in my work - in fact all areas of my life took on a new energy and dimension.

My books cleared the way for me to be doing what I'm doing now.

When I speak to women and support women with their writing, so many have this wish that they'd started sooner. Because the thing is, if you're feeling called to write a book, it's no accident. It's coming through for a reason. Trust that.

So often we don't trust the guidance that we're receiving, or the ideas that are coming through for us. You might think, ‘I'm not sure if that's for me, I don't know if that's for now’. But believe me, if something is coming through for you, if you have a desire now, it is for you NOW - there's no need to wait.

I want to make it non-negotiable for you to write your book and release it into the world.

The unbound writing process is a way to do this.

I'm not going to say it makes writing easy, because I don't think writing a book is ever easy. Not least because we want it to be a transformational process for you (and transformation doesn't normally happen effortlessly and easily). There's normally some challenge involved; but that's what makes it really juicy, and really compelling to your readers.

This is also what helps to make writing your book non-negotiable for you.

When you see book-writing as a transformational process, you can’t help but feel, ‘Okay, I'm gonna go for this!’.

Here’s what I'll be sharing during this blog series:

I’ll take you through some of the soul-sucking paralysing fears, doubts, and stories that are keeping you stuck right now, and may have been keeping you stuck for quite some time.

I’ll share the four specific stages of writing the book you're really here to write at this time, the one that will change your life and make space for the same level of transformation in each of your readers.

I'll also share how you can move forward with your book writing, in the most potent way. Because if you're going to do something, let's make it really juicy and potent.

So maybe...

You've been feeling the call to write a book, perhaps ever since you were a little girl. I know that's certainly the case for me. I loved reading and writing. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a writer.

When I started my business about ten years ago now with a hypnotherapy and coaching practice, I started blogging pretty much immediately.

I always had this feeling that I was going to write a book. I desired to write a book. But it took me six or seven years, until I actually gave myself permission to write that book.

Perhaps you've really felt guided to write a book? You're experiencing a sense of knowing that is coming through for you. Or maybe you had some kind of reading, like a soul alignment reading, or an angel reading, or some

other kind of reading where this guidance has come through to write your book? And again, that's something that I experienced very clearly, and helped me to make the decision to write my first book.

Perhaps you've started to write a book and then you've got stuck in the process somewhere?

So you know, it's been great at first. You've been writing. And then maybe you got a bit confused about what you want to focus on, or something else has come up - that pesky shiny object syndrome - and you've decided, I'm gonna focus on that now, another project. And your book writing keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.

Or maybe you've already written a book? And if that's the case, go you! I’m celebrating you. But maybe you're feeling called to write something that really, fully expresses the truest essence of who you are, and what you're here to share at this time?

If any of those above statements are the case, then this series is going help you. In the second part of the series, we take a look at all the paralysing fears and doubts that could be holding you back. Until then, UNBOUND one, Nicola x PS. If you don't want to wait to embark on your own unbound writing journey, I'd love to find out more about you and your writing plans. Click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory chat.'

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