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Before We Rise Ebook Cover April12 (1).jpg
Before We Rise
Amy Babiarz
Published 25 May 2024


Jace's journey continues in Before We Rise, sequel to After the Last Fall...


Life as Jace knew it has been turned upside down. Though she had never planned to stay, she's now been tasked with her greatest quest yet: leader of the court.


Faced with indecision, loneliness, and a court of people who do not trust her, she turns to the aid of her friends. When ghosts begin to haunt her, Jace begins to uncover just how deeply the corruption of the Raznik dynasty goes.


She wouldn't have a problem solving this mystery - if it weren't for the fact that she's also playing host to the Nautilus of Courts for the Spring Equinox, an attempt to undo the century of damage and enmity caused by those who came before her.


Friendships and romances, old and new, undergo a test as Jace races to save her court from collapsing beneath the weight of corruption and dark magic.

About Amy Babiarz

'Having been writing since the first grade (SO many stories about dolphins), it was only a matter of time before a story found its way into the world! You can be sure there are always a few more irons in the fire.


My main gig is as a social worker. I try to imbue my work into my writing-my greatest hope is that I can remove stigmas around mental health and inspire people to be their most authentic selves. There is no growth in comfort, but there's also no growth if we aren't providing that safe space to grow. 


I live in Vermont with my wife, Sarah, and my spoiled rotten furry babes. I can be found on Facebook under Amy Babiarz (there aren’t very many of us), or at my website, If you're interested in seeing a lot of pictures of dogs in sweaters and cats being menaces, you can follow me on Instagram at @babowitz8. I wish I understood Twitter (or X, I suppose) but I don't, and honestly, I'm too scared to ask at this point.' 

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience: A Revolutionary Women's Leadership Framework for Balance, Well-being and Success
Rimi Chakraborty & Samantha Anderson
Published 14 February 2024


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leadership

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience empowers women leaders to reclaim balance and well-being by decoding the language of our body, behavior and mind. Our body shows us when we've been stretched beyond our limits and knocked out of balance. But what can we do about it and how can we recognize those first signs?


Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience shows us how. Rootsilience ("root - zeel - ience") is a new word the authors invented, and it rhymes with resilience. We invented the word because to affect real, transformational change, we need to create new consciousness with new language.

Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience is inspired by ancient teachings and modern science and combines three key branches: conscious leadership, healing foods, and mind-body integration. This book highlights the honesty and vulnerability that Rimi and Samantha share from their life experiences illustrating key lessons for women leaders.

Resilience is not enough to deal with the stressors and challenges of the day. Our new word, Rootsilience, takes the notion of "resilience" a step deeper, and teaches us to be grounded, rooted and able to respond to stressors from a place of stability rather than being stretched beyond our limits. We need to rise beyond resilience to Rootsilience.

This book offers you:

-A revolutionary Rootsilience Leadership Map to recognize the interconnectedness of your leadership behavior and your emotional, physical, and mental signs of ease and dis-ease.

-Practical leadership exercises, healing foods and recipes, and go-to practices for movement and meditation.

-Access to "Beyond the Book", an online platform for guided videos, resources and an online community sharing journeys to become a Rootsilient leader.

About the Authors

Rimi Chakraborty and Samantha Anderson rejoice in inspiring women to redefine success. Beyond Resilience to Rootsilience shifts consciousness toward a new leadership paradigm that is rooted in well-being, balance, and health.


Rimi Chakraborty is a keynote speaker, author, yoga teacher and leadership consulting coach for groups, teams, and individuals, dedicated to developing conscious leaders.


You can learn more about her at

Samantha Anderson is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach, with decades of experience as a nonprofit and philanthropy consultant. She speaks widely to a variety of audiences offering practical tools to help women leaders cultivate purpose and vision while connecting to their whole selves and to that which restores balance.

You can learn more about her at

Good Girl Deprogramming: Unleash The Rebel Within
Michelle Minnikin
Published 24 November 2023


In 2023's Barbie Movie, America Ferrera's iconic speech magically deprogrammed the Barbies from patriarchy. And now Michelle Minnikin is here to do the same for women of the real world. From our first days on Earth, we're taught what it means to be a Good Girl. Look good, be nice, stay quiet, and take care of everyone else... The list goes on, and at the heart of it all, one message shines through: Do as you're told or pay the price. In Good Girl Deprogramming, Michelle shines a light on the sinister nature, tactics and tricks of coercive control that not only program us to be Good Girls but keep us in that mindset for the years, decades, and generations that follow. With ferocity, empathy, and just enough humour to prevent the idea of being brainwashed by patriarchy too depressing, Michelle shares stories, facts and actionable advice that empowers women to break free from our own programming and rediscover who we truly are. Good Girl Deprogramming isn't just a book, it's a movement. One that takes each of us by the hand and invites us to step into the life that is powerfully, beautifully and unapologetically yours. Are you in?


"Reading this book feels like having a conversation with a hilarious and impossibly wise friend. This could be the most important book you and the women in your life read. It stops here, with us."- Kate Hargreaves, CEO and Management Consultant, Mosaic Partners


"I love this relatable and hilarious book by Michelle. It's a thought-provoking read that prompts self-reflection and change through its engaging exercises. I want to share it with all my friends to help them break free."- Dr Hannah Bryan, Clinical Psychologist and EMDR Consultant


"Wow. What a read... I feel seen. I feel heard... I'm ready to shake off the shackles of a good girl and be a rebel! Not your normal book. It's a must for your bookshelf!"- Nat Hunt, OD and Systems Lead


"F*ck me, I wish I'd written this book. You'll never be the same again after reading it. Big statement? That's because this isn't a book, it's a new world order."- Fiona Kearns, Business Psychologist


"I learnt so much about myself through the questions and concepts in this book, it's been very eye opening. Michelle is tackling such an important subject, with her characteristic good humour and pirate tactics."- Alex Barker, Be More Pirate


"I wish I'd had access to Good Girl Deprogramming thirty years ago. In the nineties we were assured women had equal opportunity. They didn't, and they still don't. The true potential of women is consistently withheld by societal norms and Michelle Minnikin helps readers see both the water they swim in and the myriad ways in which they've constrained themselves to appease and comply. Awareness is empowerment. Together we rise."- Cathryn Barnard, Managing Director, Working the Future


Michelle Minnikin is a Chartered Psychologist, Coach and author with over 20 years of experience in leadership and organisational development, employee selection and assessment, coaching, and personal development. Michelle has a passion for transformative change. She is dedicated to helping women design their own ideal lives, guiding them towards greater clarity, purpose, and fulfilment. Michelle's own journey towards her Good Girl Deprogramming started with her ADHD diagnosis in December 2020, a revelation that brought clarity and understanding to her life. As she embraced this newfound self-awareness, she embarked on a deep exploration of her own conditioning and the ways in which societal norms had shaped her identity. As a mum in a wonderfully neurodiverse family, Michelle lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the glorious North East of England with her partner in life, business and adventure, James Eves, her hilariously funny and smart teenage son Oliver and their animals.

Pandemic Mom Ebook Cover FINAL OCT8 (5).jpg
Pandemic Mom: Meditations on New Motherhood During the Pandemic & During Divorce
Marianna Saltonstall Pease
Published 13 November 2023


Hi, I'm Pandemic Mom.

When the Covid Pandemic first hit the United States, Marianna Pease was about six months pregnant with her first child. She gave birth to her daughter during the first wave of the Pandemic in June 2020 when the rules of the virus where still new and fear was in the air. She asked her midwife if she would have to give birth wearing a face mask and was warned by a nurse one night in a 9pm phone call she may need to give birth alone.

Later, she took care of her infant alone in quarantine lockdowns during early Covid after a traumatic separation and almost three year long divorce.

May you have the courage to awaken to your personal power again, in time.

"Pandemic Mom" is one part memoir, one part healing balm for the divorcing woman or new mama or any woman who finds herself in a dark night of the soul without a light. Part One covers Marianna's story in short writings, Part Two is everything she learned from going through a traumatic divorce while navigating new motherhood during Covid lockdown. It is not a tell all but a story of emotional healing and written from the heart to give back to divorcing woman so they might not suffer as she did. Marianna's most heartfelt wish is to pay it forward and offer some glimmer of hope.

"Marianna Pease has written a masterpiece. Pandemic Mom, a series of short poems and prose, leads us through the darkest time of Pease's life - a new baby, a divorce, a pandemic - with grace, humor and a heaping dose of healing. Pease writes from the heart about motherhood, marriage, heartbreak and resolution in a book that will not only help her heal, but will also help other women coping with divorce. It is rare to find a book so beautifully written that is poignant, relatable and full of resources. As a therapist who works with women navigating divorce, I can't wait to recommend this book to my clients." - Oona Metz, LICSW,

"Oh, how I wish my mother had this book during her divorce! Marianna shares from her heart with such care, conviction, and courage about a topic that can be so ugly. Her humor is so refreshing, and she has such a relatable way with words. You feel as if you're both curled together on the couch, sipping tea, and healing together." - Victoria Nielsen, mama, healer & empowerment coach,

"Pandemic Mom is a beautiful, expansive journey through pain and it will leave you full of healing energy - it's a balm for the grieving, overwhelmed mama stuck in unknowns, a needed permission slip to express unspoken truths, a map towards light & hope and a practical guide to find those first steps. Marianna lovingly, knowingly, takes your tired mama hand, your lost mama heart and gives courage to reach into those dark places inside where the untangling of your own story begins and the rebuilding can start." - Lily Herman,

Marianna Saltonstall Pease is a mom by day and a writer by night. You can follow her on Instagram @heypandemicmom She runs the longtime vintage clothing store and writes for Boston Moms as well as the blog about her journey to emotional healing. She lives in Boston with her daughter.

Enough Ebook Cover (2) (3).jpg
Enough! Healing from Patriarchy's Curse of Too Much and Not Enough
Sarah Wheeler
Published 11 November 2023


You Are Enough, So Stop Giving So Many Fucks.


Enough! is a book for every woman who has had enough of patriarchy.

Enough! is for every woman who has tiptoed the invisible line between believing she is either too much or not enough, or both.

Enough! is a heartfelt guide for acknowledging, exploring and healing patriarchy's curse of too much and not enough.


Each chapter offers the chance for readers to slow down, tune in and rest with guided Yoga Nidrā practice, before untangling and breaking free from the beliefs of being too much and not enough.




  • Recovery from perfectionism

  • Developing body acceptance

  • Owning your sexual sovereignty

  • Healing the good girl/busy girl narrative

  • Moving beyond the wounds of emotional and narcissistic abuse

  • Recognising abuse of power in destructive cults

  • Weaving a new relationship to feminine power


"Wow, this is a powerful read. Buckle up for the ride! If you want to wake up and shake up your awareness of how you've been conditioned to feel not enough, and simultaneously too much, by patriarchy, history, education and the rest, then you need to read this book."- Claudine Nightingill-Rane, Body Image Coach.


Sarah Wheeler is a self proclaimed advocate for women recovering from the wounds of Patriarchy. She is a Reiki Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Author and founder of You're Enough Yoga in Hove, East Sussex. She is in her greatest joy when empowering women to uncover the medicine of deep rest and embodied movement revealing the truth of being enough; just as we are.

DailyAnimalGuidance-Cover (1) (1).jpg
Daily Spirit Animal Guidance
Sharon Brown
Published 12 August 2023


Daily Spirit Animal Guidance


Begin each morning by connecting with your Spirit Animal Guide.


This daily guidance book is 365 channelled messages from the spirit animal realm. It has been channelled by Sharon Brown, Spirit Animal Intuitive.


Each page offers guidance, support, answers and a Daily Affirmation. It will help you to remember that your animal guides are always by your side to help to support you in all areas of your life. Remember, they can't help if you don't ask.


This book can be used to ask questions that you can't seem to get the answer to - all you have to do is ask the question and open the book and receive the answer.

OLD COLOUR RGB NoMatterWhereCoverEbook.jpeg
No Matter Where
Abi Shaw
Published 20 July 2023


What do you do when your life changes overnight?


With two children under six, Abi Shaw got to find out. When an unexpected blot on the landscape altered things forever, she began a new adventure; one of brave faces, leaps of faith, and most importantly, love.


No Matter Where is Abi's story of facing death, divorce and dating again....and again. It's an honest account of a life unimagined, where starting over means writing a new chapter, and in her case, a whole new book! A book filled with hope, release, intimacy, ecstasy and of finding your matter where.


'Until you spread your wings, you have no idea how far you can fly.'


Abi Shaw is an eternal optimist. She is first and foremost a mother to her two mini-adventurers. As a trio, they have ventured from the Midlands to the Cote D'Azur, from Cornwall to Bali - building their home from love and laughter instead of bricks and mortar. Her love of people and appetite for life has remained constant through the inevitable changing tides of life. As a passionate woman, 'to settle' is not an infinitive she prescribes to and so welcomes the surprises this predictably invites. Although pragmatic, she ensures these new chapters always have hints of elegance and glamour. Even in the most challenging of times.


As the wise ones say, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. 'To love' is her infinitive. 'To love' is Abi Shaw.




"A tale of adventure, strength and lightness, as Abi navigates the ups and downs of life with humour and honesty. Created to inspire, challenge and move us into living a life full of possibilities."


Poppy Delbridge, Best-selling Author, Wellness Educator and Founder of Rapid Tapping ®


"Abi Shaw is brilliant. Every page of this book - and her life - invites you to keep turning. Be ready to wrap yourself up in her warm, soothing blanket of truth."


Cortney McDermott, bestselling author of Change Starts Within You and Give Yourself Permission


"Beautiful sparks of magic and wisdom dance and leap from every line of Abi's timeless storytelling. Stories of love told with sage like truth. Within Abi's words are lessons on life, loss, forgiveness, reclamation and honesty that travel across oceans on a journey of connection to one's true self."


Kate Taylor, Life Design & Business Empowerment Coach


"It's really, well - real! Which in itself is incredibly refreshing."


Pete Hunt, Founder & CEO


Libidos and Life Lessons Ebook Cover June20 (3).jpg
Libidos and Life Lessons: A Memoir 
Mariella Pearson
Published 4 July 2023


A painfully honest and highly relatable account of a girl making her way through the world of dating. Through breakups, heartbreak and Covid, from realising putting out doesn't equal love to pussy gazing workshops, Mariella starts to realise that maybe she should start with herself. Looking internally for the first time, she goes on a quest to find out who she is and what she wants from a relationship with herself as well as others.


Along the way, she experiences grief and ghosting.


Break-ups and being batshit crazy.


Sexuality and self-sufficiency, and realising men do not hold the answer to true fulfilment.


Eventually, she discovers that learning to love and accept yourself is the ultimate answer.


Prepare yourself to join Mariella on this wild and wonderful journey - there will be laughs, there will be tears, but most of all, there will be love.


Mariella Pearson took up writing in lockdown, when her beloved dog had had enough of her taking him out on marathon walks, and realised that through her writing she could make other women feel less alone.


Mariella loves to empower other women, and is always fascinated to learn more about how she operates, so she can be the best version of herself.


Her ability to laugh at herself through the chaos of life is infectious, helping us all to take life more lightly.




AnnaCoverEbook (2).jpg
A Wild Adventure on the Big C: My Journey of Natural Healing for Cancer
Anna Bromley
Published 14 June 2023


Devastated by a diagnosis of stage 3 breast cancer, A Wild Adventure on the Big C tells how Anna turned an ordeal into an adventure, tapping into her body's magical powers of self-healing and stepping into self-sovereignty. This book is the story of how she healed herself without conventional medicine - gently, beautifully, magically and very quickly.


'Dreams can save your life,' says Anna. 'I believe they saved mine.'


Being terrified of the conventional approach to healing cancer - involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy - she decided to find natural ways to heal herself through diet and alternative therapies, including shamanic healing, kinesiology and dreamwork. With a sprinkle of magic and a big dollop of humour.


And it's not just about cancer - the techniques she found can be applied to other conditions that don't respond well to conventional treatment.


She discovered that, when healing cancer, you have to get to the root cause, including the spiritual and emotional causes of the disease. During this time she had some extraordinary dreams, and met a guide who gave her precise information about how to heal herself.


Anna's story is a hero's journey of transformation, where she reframed her cancer healing from feeling like a victim of a hostile Universe, to knowing that she is Mistress of her own Destiny. She came home from that journey healthier in mind, body and spirit.


Anna's message for the world is that healing cancer does not have to be a horrific ordeal of surgery and harsh treatments. Her healing journey has been one of exquisite beauty, wild adventure, love and blessings.


The book provides a toolkit of the techniques Anna used to guide her; for others to use on their own personal healing journey. If you are looking for inspiration for your own healing and how to connect with guidance on what foods, treatments and emotional and spiritual healing would suit you best, this book will be really helpful for you.


About Anna


Anna is a mother, a shamanic teacher and healer, an active dreamwork teacher, a journeyer between the worlds. She is a writing coach and an editor. She has a scientific background in biochemistry and experience in R&D for the medical equipment industry. She lives in Herefordshire, UK.


https: //


Praise for A Wild Adventure on the Big C:


"Anna's narrative is compelling and captivating. You will awaken to practical options for self-healing, as well as fresh paths for adventure and transformation."

- Robert Moss, author of Active Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home


It's Written in the Stars: Poems, Reflections & Transmutations on Becoming
Zoë K. M. Foster
Published 30 May 2023


Who are you, in the sacred and fully embodied presence of your Becoming?


As your lived daily life evolves at breakneck speeds within the frenetic world around you, it's so easy to lose yourself in the turmoil, to spin away from your core and your connection.


But what if you had a mesmerising, energetically-activating daily guide at hand to instantly transport you right back to the heart and roots of your deepest soul wisdom...


...Something you can dip into as the urge takes you, and immerse yourself in the portal energies you most need and desire for your most integral expansion - whatever is happening externally?


Welcome to It's Written in the Stars: a multi-sensory, immersive experience like no other! Come and bathe in these pages of magnetising energy art, soul-nourishing words and potent energy-transmutations.


"I wanted to open up the pages and step right into it!"

- Becky Taylor, Sounds A Bit Woo Woo To Me podcast


Inspired by the world pivoting on its axis through the rapid shifts in consciousness of the 2020s, this book acts as an energy-expanding beacon to keep bringing us home to our most profound and expansive soul guidance. It asks us at every moment, "Who are we becoming?"


"This feels like a book I will keep next to my bed and open when I need to find and guide myself back to me."

- Yolandi Boshoff, Sacred Site Oracle, Spiritual Teacher & Channel


"Zoë dares us to go beyond the confines of the edges we place (and society places) on our minds, bodies and souls. Immerse yourself, and prepare to be transformed."

- Em Mulholland, Shamanic Practitioner & Word Doula, @one_spiritual_mother


"It's Written in the Stars is an invitation to unravel, to embody, to let go, to feel the sacred rage, to move through all of it, to go to those places of transformation, of the deep work, the wounds and scars that let the light through us."

- Jo Gifford, Content Magician and author of Wild Currents and Brilliance Unboxed


"A true treasure trove of magical moments that reminds us of the infinite joy we hold and a heartfelt invitation to reconnect to the vast and intuitive wisdom we carry within."

- Elles Lohuis, author of The Horse Master's Daughter and A Pilgrim's Heart


"Zoë has captured the essence of these shape-shifting times and it feels like It's Written in the Stars will help us all to find our way."

- Nicola Humber, Author & Founder of The Unbound Press



Zoë K. M. Foster creates stunning, life-size manifestation portals for intentional, sacred spaces and for the divine-feminine rebel in us all. Her energy art adorns and imbues the walls of spiritual leaders and heart-centred changemakers from all walks of life.

She is also a spiritual writer, UK Health Radio host, and paradigm-shifting mama to 2 starseeds.

- Find out more at


StonesInMyBonesCoverFront (2).jpg
Stones In My Bones: Mystical Connections With The Ancient Stories Of Rockabill
Patricia Langton
Published 18 May 2023


Stones In My Bones is essentially a book about connection to place, to ancient landscape, to our ancestors and ultimately to ourselves.


Following the discovery of several mythological stories connected with a local island, Rockabill, Patricia embarked on a journey of research that led her see the importance of how Ancient Mythology can impact modern life. This book shows how timeless these ancient stories are, and the power they have, to make sense of contemporary life.

Patricia weaves her own life experiences in with these ancient stories to make them new and relevant to today. The book moves through the elements with each one illuminating the story connected to it and to the author's life.

Moving from the lowest well to the highest star, this book will reconnect the reader with the magical and mystical Tuatha Dé Danann of Ancient Ireland and the healing power of the elements.

Praise for Stones In My Bones:

'A gorgeous book about connection and healing that teaches the true value and relevance of mythology and the elements! I adored it.' - Melanie Murphy, Bestselling Author and Vlogger

'It is a beautiful book of the Irish Dreamtime, a journey into the land and into the self.' - Siofra O'Donovan B.A., M.A., H.Dip (PDE), Author and Writing Coach


About the Author:

Patricia Langton is a mother and grandmother. She lives in Skerries, Dublin, Ireland and is a facilitator of Women's circles and rituals in her community. She has travelled the world to experience the magic of Neolithic stone monuments. This is Patricia's first book and the fulfilment of a long held dream.


Sauce Will Thicken on Standing Ebook Cover (2).jpg
Sauce Will Thicken on Standing
Rachael B
Published 12 May 2023


Sauce Will Thicken on Standing is a cauldron of soul soothing words that has been 'thickening' for just the right amount of time.

Although Rachael has been writing for as long as she can remember, the poems in this collection were all birthed between 2001 and 2021 (with just a few exceptions). She was first asked in the early 2000s, when she was doing the rounds on the London Spoken Word scene, whether she would be putting together a collection and although she said she would, it took her over 20 years to make this promise a reality. Rachael finally pulled together these poems, which span a period of 20 years, during lockdown in 2021. However, a combination of destabilising life events and imposter syndrome stopped her from putting her words out there...Until now.

It was only when Rachael began to talk about her second collection, which she felt would be more 'worthy,' that she realised these poems may also have their place in the world. That they represent an important part of her journey as a poet - from her period as a spoken word artist performing at events across London, to this, publishing her first full collection. This collection is a leap of faith - representing the ups and downs of the journey of life, it's a physical manifestation of pushing past the doubts and fears we all have. By sharing parts of her journey, Rachael hopes to connect with, and inspire you, on yours.

As Nicola Humber, founder of the Unbound Press, says, "This beautiful collection has something for everyone. It would be very hard not to relate to at least one of the poems in this collection."


UnboundPathCover-Front (1).jpeg
Tales from the Unbound Path
Conceived & Curated by The Unbound Press
Published 30 March 2023


What does it mean to walk an unbound path?


To unbind from old expectations of who and how you should be in the world and go your own, unique way?


That's the question we asked the co-authors of this book and invited them to share their personal experiences of walking an unbound path.


The result is a collection of writings - prose, poetry, non-fiction and fiction - that captures a range of perspectives on what it looks like to live unbound.


Tales from the Unbound Path is a book that will help you remember who you are and who you came here to be. 


Are you ready?


Includes contributions from:


Charley Alcock

Kelly Moss

Alison Shaloe

Becky Handley

Karen Marshall

Babita Gill

Carrie Myers

Claudine Nightingill-Rane

Deborah DLP

Diana Morgan

Helen Llewellyn

Emma Unsworth

Simone Grove

Jo Meadwell

Lindsey Elms

Magdalena Samulak

Rachel Haywood

Susi McWilliam

Terri Hofstetter

Rionach Aiken

Madeline Myers

Nicola Humber

Emma While


The CLEAR Method Ebook Cover.jpg
The CLEAR Method: The Easy Way to Declutter Your Chaos and Find Your Sparkle
Carolyn Creel
Published 21 March 2023


The CLEAR Method is for everyone.

The CLEAR Method is here to shake (and vac) up the way we have lived our lives for years – so much more than a book on cleaning your house; it will help you shift stuck energy and get into Flow.

On a practical level, it declutters the chaos of life. Energetically, it helps you focus and see more clearly. Emotionally, it helps to shift outdated ways of thinking that have kept you stuck in a rut.

Author Carolyn guides you through her tried and tested methods to Clear, Let Go, Energise, Act and Receive in all areas of life – to ease-fully declutter the physical and emotional clutter of life.

About Carolyn Creel

Carolyn Creel is the creator of The CLEAR Method, a Clairvoyant CLEARer and Spiritual Declutterer, bringing years of experience from her multimillion-pound commercial cleaning company and her clairvoyant and intuitive abilities to The CLEAR Method.

A down-to-earth, practical Yorkshire woman, Carolyn loves to help people declutter, clean and clear their lives. The CLEAR Method came into being when Carolyn saw that to access our intuition and inner knowing, we need to CLEAR ourselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now she helps others declutter the chaos of life through her book and coaching sessions.


Find Your Way Home Ebook Cover FEB6 (1).jpg
Find Your Way Home: Poems and Practices to Reclaim Your Light After Loss
Victoria Margaux Nielsen
Published 3 March 2023


You're more than your miscarriage, mama.

When a routine OB appointment brought tragic news in 2018, Victoria was left shocked, shaken, and cleaved in two. Instead of letting it make her feel small, she used this sacred loss as a catalyst to expand. To blossom. And to give herself the love she always deserved.

Find Your Way Home takes you through Victoria's journey of choosing joy, connecting with her intuition, and honoring her inner child after miscarriage, so you can learn to do the same.

This book of inspiring words, energy, and embodiment practices comes from Victoria's heart to help you navigate whatever part of the motherhood journey you're currently on. Allowing you to realize you are your own medicine and healer, and that you are so much more than the things that have happened to you. You can move through and come out the other side better than you ever thought possible. You can find the light again.

"Through poetry, storytelling and thought provoking prose, Victoria masterfully weaves the multi-faceted energy of motherhood, miscarriage and life as a woman. This book is the balm we all need to feel better and move through life's challenges with grace and insight. You can flip to any page and instantly feel seen and understood on a deeper level." - Meg Sylvester, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Creative Mentor and Founder of Miracle Way Leadership

"As someone who has also experienced the devastation of a miscarriage, I wish I had this book by my side. Find Your Way Home is for anyone who wants to know there will be good again in their lives. Victoria's vulnerability + wisdom has created a beautifully written + loving companion for anyone looking to reconnect to their inner light and up-level their every day." - Robyn Miller Brecker, co-host of Seeking Center and former Oprah Executive

Victoria is a trained Akashic Records Reader, certified inner voice & breathwork facilitator, and mama of two boys. Accessing Akashic perspective has been profoundly healing for both Victoria and her clients, and she helps women all over the world learn how to access their own Records for daily guidance.


To learn more, visit



Wake Up Mother Ebook Cover JAN22 (1).jpg
Wake Up Mother
Conceived & Curated by Sarah Lloyd
Published 2 February 2023


Wake Up Mother - Curated by Sarah Lloyd and featuring stories and wisdom of Mothers.


This book has been written for Mother.


For those women who have felt lost, alone, unsupported, dimmed, squashed, uncomfortable, unable to speak truth for fear of it highlighting the shadows.  

It is for the Mothers, Sisters, Witches, Bitches, Whores and Good Girls.  

It is for the mothers of children, furry friends, businesses and creative projects. 

Mother is when we are most fertile physically. It is when we begin to nurture, guide and support those around us. It is our creative blooming. It is the ripening fruit, our period of birthing ideas, businesses and babies. 


It is also the time we are asked to quietly shoulder a lot. Societal pressures, conditioning from authorities, media exposure and emotional immaturity are all designed to keep us forever in maidenhood. 


The never-ending quest to stay young, look young, but still be successful - the cook in the kitchen and the whore in the bedroom.


Businesses, children and creative projects take a village. It is in Mother Energy we find our connection, our communities and ultimately our sanity. 


This book shares stories and wisdom of Mothers; an opportunity to face and embrace our shadows with no judgment. It is within these shadows we find ourselves. 


We share, so that others may find light in the darkness too.


We see you, Mother. Come rest here for a while.


With contributions by:


Ceryn Rowntree

Kathy Bell

Rachel Haywood

Katherine Crawley

Aimee Strongman

Emma While

Dulcie Batt

Alison Cooper

Carrie J Myers

Zoe K M Foster

Jennifer Flint

Clara Apollo

Debra Kilby



Aloha Vietnam Ebook Cover NOV21 (1).jpg
Aloha Vietnam
Elizabeth Nguyen
Published 14 December 2022

A rich journey across the Pacific Ocean to find one's true home and identity amidst loss, grief, and mental illness.


Anh Nguyen is 17 years old and a senior in high school working on a watercolor art series when she experiences her first manic episode. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, put on medications, and she and her Vietnamese-American family are suddenly thrown into the world of mental health treatment and recovery.

Anh's mother Xuan grapples with understanding her daughter's struggles, while also trying to make sense of her own loss and grief of leaving behind her family and motherland of Vietnam to raise her children in America. The family find refuge across the Pacific Ocean on the warm shores of Honolulu, Hawaii, Anh navigates growing up in a refugee family in a new land and culture, and dealing with the struggles of her own mind. She finds solace in her love for the ocean and her art.

This is the story of finding one's identity and place of belonging in a shifting landscape of tradition, heritage, and culture, and the healing power of art, water, and love.


Editorial Reviews:


Powered by story and strengthened by science, Dr. Elizabeth Nguyen, like Lisa Genova before her, has penned a gripping story of one family's journey through the heartbreak of mental illness. A beautifully written coming-of-age story that details the highs and lows of bi-polar disorder, against the cross-cultural grace and beauty of two Pacific locations - Vietnam and Hawaii. A poignant and moving novel.

- R. Bruce Logan & Elaine Head, authors of Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart


As an Asian American child and adolescent psychiatrist, I highly recommend Aloha Vietnam not only for its sensitive portrayal of illness, but also for its moving depiction of an immigrant's experience."

- Dr. Harry Wang, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist


Edge of your seat fixed reading: as soon as I settled with Aloha Vietnam I was hooked on the raw emotion pouring deep from within the words. Elizabeth's passion for her cultural roots bursts throughout this poignant encounter of a family both found and lost within their new experiences. I loved it.

- Natalie Farrell Artist. Presenter. Writer + Author of "Light The Way"


At the heart of the story is the mother-daughter relationship told through the

backdrop of the emotions of a lost culture, the grief of which can be tasted through the


- Victoria Smisek, author of "Falling Awake - A Heroine's Journey"


This enchanting book is a potent mix of loss, strength, love, and healing.

- Deborah DLP Writer Beautifully Unfinished Woman

About the Author:

Elizabeth Nguyen, MD was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her parents were refugees from Vietnam who arrived in Honolulu in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam War.

She received her BA from Stanford University in Human Biology, her MD from Northwestern University, and her Psychiatry Residency and Child Psychiatry Fellowship training at UC Davis. She started her career in community mental health, with specific interests in cross-cultural psychiatry, the intersection of spirituality and mental health, and the healing power of water and the natural world.

Of the inspiration behind and the intention for Aloha Vietnam, Elizabeth says:


"There is so much trauma and healing in the human ancestral lineages, and water, art, and storytelling help us in becoming whole and natural again. This book is my love offering to the land and the people of Vietnam and Hawaii, and the vast Pacific Ocean that connects them. It is my hope that it provides beauty and healing to the trauma and suffering that has come through generations of loss and the struggles of mental illness." You can find her online at: and



Mother Earth is Calling You - Winter Wisdoms.jpg
Mother Earth is Calling You: Winter Wisdom
Sonraya Grace
Published 12 December 2022

A powerful Guide to embrace the magic of your Wise Woman.

For too long, the Divine Feminine, has been cast aside, forgotten, and ridiculed.


We've learnt to believe that darkness is to be feared, when in truth, it is a place of potent magic, wisdom, and powerful transformation.


Winter is a time to go within, to let go, shed our burdens and regenerate ready for the Spring.


Rest in the bosom of the Great Mother and let go and become bare. Recreate beauty from within the rich fertile belly of your womb and the womb of the world, sowing new seeds for spring.


Learn the wisdom of Nature's Winter and how the outer seasons mirror your inner seasons with beautiful sacred ceremonies, guided meditations, feminine embodiment exercises, and inspiring journal prompts that support you to feel nourished and empowered.


Rest in the bosom of the Great Mother and let go and become bare. Recreate beauty from within the rich fertile belly of your womb and the womb of the world, sowing new seeds for spring.


Sonraya lovingly guides you on a powerful inner journey to activate a remembering of the deep magic and wisdom of Winter and your creative power as Wise Woman and who you truly are as a cyclical being.


Embrace your shadow and discover the magical treasures within.



- Powerful activations to awaken your Divine Feminine power and reclaim the wisdom of the dark mysteries. Whether you find yourself in the season of winter, or your own 'inner winter' phase of life, Winter Wisdom offers beauty and light to support you through this powerful initiation.

- Develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a cyclical being.

- Live in flow with the seasons, with the Wheel of the Year, Moon Cycles and Womb Wisdom maps to guide you.

- Work with your ancestral lineage to heal ancestral wounding and reap the gifts of your mother and father line.

- Enjoy guided meditations and Winter rituals to support, nourish, empower and embrace the magical gifts of the Winter season.

- Beautiful illustrations and diagrams that bring the essence of the Feminine and Mother Earth to life.

- Journal Prompts to guide you deeper on your journey to remembering who you truly are.

- Experience a deeper connection and sense of belonging with Mother Earth.


Sonraya Grace is an Earth Wisdom Keeper, Rebirth Doula, and Intuitive Channel with a passion to support the global shift towards unity consciousness. She guides women on transformational journeys to activate and embody their Sacred Feminine Wisdom.



Soul Shine Carrie Myers Ebook Cover FINAL NOV1 (2).jpg
Soul Shine: Excavate Your Light and Claim Your Soul's Purpose
Conceived & Curated by Carrie Myers
Published 23 November 2022

Do You Recall When You First Dulled Your Shine?


As women, especially, we have all dulled our shine for the comfort of others. Recognizing the pivotal moments allow for healing, growth, and renewal of our Soul Shine!


Throughout this book, you will journey through the struggles, self-doubt, and pain that 26 women have overcome. With each chapter, you will witness 26 transformations of soul and life. In the midst of desire to slough off the "shoulds" of our world, these women grow, inspire, and reclaim the shine that was always inside them. As they witnessed their light brightening, they excavate their soul's purpose and discover the authentic and exquisite women they were always meant to be. Allow their words and experiences to inspire you to reclaim your purpose and shine that is the infinite, flawless you.


As you walk this path with these 26 ladies, grab a journal, take notes, and begin your own excavation. Share your story and with friends and join us in lifting each other and lighting the passage along the ascent to higher vibration and fulfilment.


Along her healing journey, Carrie Myers realized that she made herself small and dulled her shine for the comfort of others. The reality is that most people do, especially women. In our efforts to "be good" and acceptable, we shrink ourselves. Carrie knew it is time to tell our stories, share our struggles and then break free of the shadows. Along with 25 other amazing, vulnerable, and powerful women, she exposes her heart and strives to create a consciousness around the tragedy of women not claiming and fully living in their soul's purpose.


It is time we all shine our brightest.


Contributors to Soul Shine:


Carrie Myers

Michelle Millson

Holly Yandall

Katie May

Jody Woodbridge

Jennie Wise

Aparna Vemula

Alison Roe

Jacqui McGinn

Caroline Palmy

Charley Alcock

Claudine Nightingill-Rane

Natty Frasca

Heather Robbins

Madeline Myers

Laura Butts

Medea Galligan, MS CHHC AADP

Sarah Collinge

Jo Capel

Babita Gill

Emma While

Sarah Lloyd

Nicola Foster

Jessica Simpkins

Hope Futrell

Heather Iden



Baby Talk to Me - Alison Shaloe (1).jpg
Baby Talk to Me: Spirit Baby Messages for the Journey to Motherhood
Alison Shaloe
Published 11 November 2022

This book is a wake-up call to humanity, to our mothers, future mothers and grandmothers. It is a book to support and empower you and our future generations. Baby Talk to Me is a combination of Alison Shaloe's experience of being a midwife who communicates with babies before life, during pregnancy and birth and after birth loss. Alison has brought together her experience, ancient wisdom, midwifery knowledge, birth psychology, and pre-birth communication along with messages from spirit babies, for those on the journey to motherhood. In this book you have direct access to the spirit babies who have so much to share for those who are yet to become pregnant or those who are pregnant. It is also for those who have had a challenging journey to motherhood, who have experienced birth loss or birth trauma. The messages from the spirit babies help to ease any pain and suffering on the journey to motherhood. They are the messages spirit babies want their mothers to know. It is a combination of my story, your story and the stories we have been told. It is a mix of science and spirit, body and mind, ancient and new, awakening and remembering, healing and releasing.

The world is at a turning point and change needs to happen. Spirit babies have some ideas about how we can make these changes, which they're sharing here in this book! Their mission is to heal the planet and to empower their mothers. They offer a different approach by sharing their messages of what they wish to see in the world so that their mothers and future mothers move from disempowered towards empowerment. It includes lifting the veils on truths in relation to being a woman, being pregnant and giving birth. Alison Shaloe's book Baby Talk to Me has been written to support women on their personal journeys to becoming mothers. This book starts with Alison's story of how she has gone from midwife to spirit baby medium. She addresses many topics in this book from preconception right through to the early days of motherhood. She offers insights into the spirit babies' perspective and looks at emotional topics that can have an impact on women.

The book includes:

*Evidence based information

*Supportive channelled healing messages from spirit babies

*Importance of pre-birth communication

*Importance of the womb environment

*Higher perspective on preconception, conception, abortion, pregnancy loss, adoption, pregnancy and birth, birth trauma and breastfeeding.

*Healing modalities

*Guided meditations (Downloadable )

This book is a powerful and timely call to action for women. It will transform the way you see yourselves and your babies.

Alison Shaloe is a registered midwife and lactation consultant in the UK she specialises in supporting women with breastfeeding, tongue tie and birth trauma and has worked with many thousands of women in the postnatal period. She has a good understanding of the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of mothers during pregnancy and birth and in the early months and weeks. Alison is passionate about helping mothers to heal and believes that in order to heal the Earth we must begin to look at what is happening at birth. She also works with women on their conception journey or after birth loss helping parents to connect with their spirit babies, who offer insights and wisdom to help women to heal.



EbookCover (6).jpg
Menopause Wisdoms: Women's Stories of Becoming Crone
Brier Heart
Published 31 October 2022

Brier Heart's book, Menopause Wisdoms - Women's Stories of Becoming Crone, invites us to reconsider the old, worn-out narrative about what it is to be a Menopausal woman. She beautifully holds space for us to be curious about our changes; gently and skilfully prompting us to question and explore what our physical, emotional, spiritual and Soulful experiences are bringing to us.


She describes The Menopause as an initiation, an alchemical process of re-wilding and re-discovering the true nature of who we are; she encourages us to celebrate our menopausal years, with the knowledge that we will emerge as a wild, wise woman, a Crone.


The twelve women who share their Menopause stories, take us on a journey from the messages they received as a child, about what it is to be a woman, to how they experienced their menarche, transitioning into their Mother years and how they each approached moving toward or becoming Crone, as they navigated their menopausal years.


Brier offers us suggestions for Self-Care and Love practices to support us through our changes. These accessible ideas for our wellbeing can be used before, during and after our initiation. She encourages and activates us to tap into our own creativity and innate wisdom to discover what we need and want and how to manifest it.


There is a strong feeling of sisterhood and love within these pages - a message that we are in this together; that the changes we undergo at a mind, body, spirit and Soul level are the threads of magic we are being called to weave, not only individually, but collectively, in order to create a new tapestry of herstory.



EBookCover (3).jpg
Labyrinth: My Journey to Belonging
Moriah Ama Hope
Published 6 October 2022

In life, we all lose and find things. Perhaps they belonged to us, maybe they never really did or ever do? The emotions can be light or profound. But what happens when we find, one day, that we have lost ourselves, our own belonging?

In Labyrinth: My Journey to Belonging, Moriah Hope shares her personal stories of life, loss, and the pathway to finding true, inner belonging. It's a spellbinding journey of realisation that interlaces the everyday ordinary with the extraordinary.

The book helps us to make sense of life when life itself doesn't make sense. Deeply transformational. Essentially feminine. Deceptively powerful.

"Moriah's writing is powerful, beautiful, eloquent and deeply magical." - Lorraine Pannetier, Writer & Copywriter

"Utterly unputdownable! It's wise and nurturing, brutally honest and simply delightful. I just LOVE it." - Sima Westley, Mother, Cancer Survivor

"Highly recommended for any woman wanting to make sense of her own unique and magical journey." - Nicola Humber, Founder of The Unbound Press

"Labyrinth is a story about authenticity, courage, and true freedom. This book will stay with you long after the last page has been turned." - Dr Ash Brockwell, Associate Professor, London Interdisciplinary School

"This book has something very special. It is a handbook to awaken to the wisdom of living a life of freedom. Surrender, wisdom, and love are at its core. Such a wonderful book to accompany anyone in these changing times." - Marcia O'Regan, Spiritual Business Coach

"A wonderfully inspiring book for all women who are looking to move on in their lives, whether practically or spiritually. A handbook for our modern times." - Arya Ingvorsen, Shamanic Healer

"Labyrinth is a beautiful weaving together of wisdom, gentle but powerful guidance and Moriah's journey which she so generously and vulnerably shares. It reminds us that it's an inner journey to finding home and that to belong we must come back to ourselves." - Tara Jackson, Intuitive Business guide, Empathpreneurs®

"Thought provoking. Brave. Inspiring. There's so much deep wisdom throughout the book. Moriah challenges the emphasis that society places on us to strive and achieve in order to be valuable. This is such a special book and precious voice, weaving the human and soul experience as one throughout." - Debra Kilby, author of Rosa's Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother



90 Day Soulmate Plan Sarika Jain EBOOK COVER AUG17 (1).jpg
The 90-Day Soulmate Plan
Sarika Jain
Published 13 September 2022

Are you craving a soulful, uplifting, lasting and evolutionary connection with your soulmate?

Are you eager to experience love and intimacy on a profound and deep level – one that nourishes your mind, body and soul?

Do you want to break your dry, single spell (or relationship hell!), heal your heart and learn what it really takes to find and keep extraordinary love… and you know your soul won’t settle for any less?

Then The 90-Day Soulmate Plan is for you!

If you’re ready to:

  • Transcend your painful patterns with men

  • Release old ideas, limiting beliefs and unhealthy relationship habits with yourself

  • Step into a new level of consciousness around love and your feminine power

  • Feel radiant, magnetic and sexy while dating and in a relationship

  • Attract sexy, grounded, emotionally available men, and find “the one”

… then you are invited you to join a unique adventure.

The 90-Day Soulmate Plan: Get out of your own way and attract the Higher Love you deserve is a new, revolutionary way of attracting your soulmate and creating the relationship you could only dream of up until now.

This is a dating guide like no other! In these pages, you’ll find wisdom, practical tips and techniques to help you become the empowered woman you are meant to be and attract the man of your dreams.

Full of love, laughs and insight, this debut book by Sarika Jain will teach you how to live the life you’ve always dreamed with the soulmate your heart has yearned for.

“Sarika is the epitome of a feminine goddess. She lives and breathes all that she teaches. This book is truly a vessel for her to share all her innate (and hard earned!) wisdom. If you are ready for deep, intimate connection... read this, it will guide you to your ONE!”

  • Chrisa Zindros Boyce, CSO + Executive Coach, Handel Group




EmbodiedWealthEbookCover (1).jpg
Embodied Wealth: I AM
Tara Jackson
Published 11 September 2022

'A breath of fresh air in the arena of abundance and wealth building.'


'You can't help but be impacted in the most powerful way by this beautiful book!'


'Reading this book has left me feeling wealthier and more at home in myself.'


True wealth comes from inside. It is a feeling, a state of being, an alignment and harmony with your truth, your purpose/s, all parts of yourself, and your wholeness. It is knowing and embodying all you came here to be. It is living this, breathing this, being this, so that the outside world mirrors to you what you are feeling.


It is leaning on and receiving the support available to you from the physical and non-physical. It is a deep knowing that you are always held from within. It is sharing your resources, whatever they may be, with others as you live from a place of overflow and abundance, contributing for the good of the whole.


It is your I AM. 


Embodied Wealth is an invitation to connect to, remember, and claim this so that you can truly be all that you are. It includes guidance, stories, prompts, inspiration and 'The colours of wealth', which dives into 16 colours and their intuitive messages, to support you on your journey to truly embodying wealth.




Shakti Farts & Belly Laughs: What really happens when wild women gather
The Unbound Press
Published 8 August 2022

What really happens when wild women get together?


In June 2021, in the aftermath of a global pandemic, a group of magical women gathered on retreat in Glastonbury. Basking in warm sunshine, drinking red wine and enjoying the delights of a particular 'smelly box', there were belly laughs aplenty.


But the process of coming together wasn't all rainbows and unicorns. Fears, doubts and old stories bubbled to the surface for everyone, both before and during the retreat. The sister wound runs deep (even when everyone has their own carrot).


In this collaborative book from The Unbound Press, you get to hear from each woman as she shares her experience of coming together in circle.


Ready to join us as the laughs (and tears) flow?


With contributions by:


Nicola Humber

Sarah Lloyd

Yolandi Boshoff

Em Mulholland

Kathy Bell

Katherine Crawley

Katie Brockhurst

Zoe Foster

Rachel Smithbone

Michelle Maslin-Taylor

Iona Russell




Wild Currents Jo Gifford EBOOK COVER (5).jpg
Wild Currents: Poems On The Transformative Power of Water in Turbulent Times
Jo Gifford
Published 30 July 2022

The world of wild swimming is where souls are restored, heavy hearts are healed, and the deep immersion in nature is resource-ing a new age of seekers.

The explosion of wild swimming during the pandemic is testament to the power of taking the plunge, how nature is plugging us back into source, and how the need to immerse in nature is a powerful tool for change.

This book seeks to explore the stories and some of the humans behind the swims, how the movement of wild swimming has flooded our awareness, and to discover the many reasons why we need our wildness and the magic that happens in the water more now than ever before.

Jo is an author, podcaster, writer, project manager, creative thinker, wild swimmer, and prolific human connector. Her soul passion and purpose is to create connections and conversations with unboxed leaders that use their brilliance to create change.

Jo's work at its core is about human connection; her belief is that when we connect, create and grow, momentum and magic take their seat.


"In a world that so often feels gnarly, Wild Currents is a soothing balm for the soul." - Charlie Edwards, Lightcoder, Weaver & Cosmic Healer


"Jo's words call you back to a deep remembering of our connection to the water. Inspiring you to lovingly and compassionately remember you." -Yolandi Boshoff, Spiritual Coach

"Wild Currents is elemental, primal, raw, fierce and delicious. It is like a hug from Mother Earth herself, or one of Jo's "salty kisses". It will move you to tears and laughter, and bring you back to all that truly matters in one quick dip. It is pure, magical, deep-reaching medicine for the soul." - Zoë K. M. Foster, Embodied Expression Artist & SacredExpression(TM) Facilitator

"Reading Wild Currents took me on a full-body experience that stirred the watery eddies of my soul. There is something rather special about an author that truly writes from the heart; baring it so that the world can benefit from the medicine that lies within this sacred and deeply personal space. Jo writes with such a profound and moving purity that invites genuine connection - a connection that will stay with me long after closing the pages of this beautiful book." - Em Mulholland, Shamanic Practitioner & Word Doula





Shadow and Rose - Sarah Wheeler.jpg
Shadow and Rose: A Soulful Guide for Women Recovering from Rape and Sexual Violence
Sarah Wheeler
Published 28 July 2022

Shadow and Rose is a companion for women recovering from sex crimes. Yoga teacher and author, Sarah Wheeler, shares her own recovery journey in a ten week programme designed to catalyse and empower your ongoing recovery. Shadow and Rose may be used alongside therapy, or as the bridge between reporting and seeking therapeutic help.


Featuring insight from a Psychologist specialising in rape recovery, along with guidance from Sarah's own energy healer, Shadow and Rose explores key facets of recovery including:


Healing from Negative Self Talk

Reclaiming Your Boundaries

Honouring the Body

Releasing Shame

Managing Trauma and PTSD.


Shadow and Rose offers an online 10 week deep relaxation and Yoga Nidrā program to encourage readers to choose rest as a vital recovery tool.


Inside all of us we have physiological systems not just built for survival, but for healing. It is the heart's resolve that we shine light on to our pain, blossom into power and thrive.


"Sarah interweaves body-based techniques in supporting the reader to work through their trauma. I think anyone who has a suffered an interpersonal trauma will benefit from this book, as it is written from Sarah's perspective and not an 'expert in the field' who has not been traumatised." - Practitioner Psychologist, Specialist in Trauma and Sexual Violence


Rise and Bloom


About the Author


Sarah Wheeler is an advocate for women recovering from the wounds of Patriarchy. She is a Reiki Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Author and founder of You're Enough Yoga in Hove, East Sussex. She is in her biggest joy when empowering women to uncover the medicine of deep rest through Yoga and Reiki, revealing the truth of being enough; just as we are.




WildEgg-EbookCover (1) (1).jpg
Wild Egg: A story of one woman's search for her childfree life
Jennifer Flint
Published 1 July 2022

Based on a true story, Wild Egg explores one woman's struggle to break the deadlock of ambivalence to decide whether becoming a biological mother is her wholehearted choice, or simply what she has been programmed to believe. When her usual rational approach to problem solving fails, Hollie Hardwick finds herself tumbling down an existential rabbit hole, unearthing more questions than answers in a bid to avoid future regret.

Confused and frustrated, Hollie resorts to increasingly desperate measures to achieve a breakthrough and, in the process, opens a spiritual Pandora's Box that cannot be closed.

By the time she chooses to be childfree, Hollie is left with a burning question: now what...what does a meaningful childfree life look like? Her search for an answer takes her on a wild ride, from mindfulness circles with a motley crew of characters, to a Scottish island full of Buddhist monks and nuns. Through her journey, Hollie digs deep into her soul where she confronts a gnawing feeling of emptiness, and eventually finds the courage to become her most powerful, unapologetic and joyful childfree self.

Author, Jennifer Flint, was (like Hollie) a successful but unfulfilled HR Director. During lockdown she signed up to a writing course determined to fulfil her dream of writing a novel inspired by her father's life. To her surprise, Wild Egg showed up.

"Nine years ago when I was in maybe-baby hell, I felt so alone, and desperately wanted to find an intimate account of another woman's journey to hold onto in the dark. I read some great books but was left unsatisfied; it felt like nibbling on tapas, when I wanted to feast on a relatable shame shit story. When Wild Egg began downloading, I realised I was being invited to share my story and write the book I had longed for."

Jennifer describes writing Wild Egg as a graduation from her 'vulnerability apprenticeship' that began the moment her own husband unexpectedly confronted her with wanting a baby. "I finished the manuscript on the eve of my fiftieth birthday and it felt like putting a beautiful big full stop at the end of my first half of life. Wild Egg has become not only a reflection of my journey, but a marching order to live my most unbound life. I hope it may inspire other women to trust themselves enough to do the same."


Marcia Drut-Davis, author of Confessions of a Childfree Woman and "What? You Don't Want Children?" and childfree pioneer says: "Wild Egg is a powerful story and page-turning must read novel for women feeling the pronatalistic push/pull of motherhood as an expected choice...Along the way, Wild Egg will have you wondering if you're happy or joyful and if you're the egg or the eggcup. Brava!"


Merle Bombardieri, MSW, LICSW, author of The Baby Decision: How to Make the Most Important Choice of your Life, psychotherapist, and international decision coach said "This book is beautiful, brilliant, serious and funny. Flint gives us the gift of Hollie, a lovable, courageous role model for the childfree choice. Flint also uses original language and metaphors to depict the frustration, determination and creativity of parenthood/childfree decision-making. Readers will feel seen, heard and less alone in their own decision-making."




Coming Home To You 55 x 85 Ebook cover (1).jpg
Coming Home To You: How to live a more connected, magical, and authentic life
Caroline Britton
Published 16 June 2022

Coming Home To You isn’t just any book – it’s a guide, here to gently nudge you back to yourself. It’s inspiration for times when you can’t find your way. And it’s a hand to hold when you feel disconnected from your true self, to help you come home to you.

With beautifully inspired illustrations, practical advice, exercises, and wisdom, this book covers everything you need to live a more connected, magical, and authentic life.

“From the moment I met Caroline the magic started happening, she is one of the most incredible humans I have ever met.” Katie Marshall

"I sometimes joke Caroline must be controlling the Universe, the results are remarkable." Dave Barnett

"A real life earth angel, I will forever be grateful for what you unlocked in me" Kate Skivington

"I will be forever grateful to you for giving me the tools to become the person I am meant to be. I am the most joyful I have been since I was a child and I am excited for the future. This email doesn’t even begin to capture the difference you have made to my life but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU” Tracy

About the Author:

Caroline Britton is a global speaker, teacher, coach, mentor, healer and intuitive guide, and an expert in helping people connect back to their soul. She delivers her powerful teachings through a combination of online courses, private coaching and speaking events and works with a variety of clients from sports professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, healers, working professionals, parents and those in the public eye.




Embodied Creation - The sensitive's way to consciously co-create
Tara Jackson
Published 14 May 2022

Embodied Creation is a call to consciously co-create for the good of the whole. It is an activation and invitation to tune into Gaia, her energies, and what is calling to be created on Earth at this time. 


It guides you to connect with the soul, essence and life-force of your creations, and supports you to embody and ground this energy so that you can bring it into the physical, carrying out your part as a co-creator. 


It invites you to lean into the natural rhythms and cycles of creation, honouring the role and power of the feminine alongside the masculine, as this is where we can truly create a sustainable future. This is where we remember we are not machines, and we need to rest and replenish as well as take action, where we give back as well as receive, and where we honour endings as much as beginnings. 


It leans into the principles of manifestation, including visioning and magnetising. It asks you to slow down and go within, holding and healing what needs to be released and let go of, so that you can truly align with the most potent and powerful creations. 


As you begin to deeply create from this place, it asks you to get out of your own way and ask the question, 'Am I creating from my soul and heart, or my ego?'


About the Author


Tara is an intuitive business mentor, holistic wellbeing coach, artist and author who supports empathpreneurs with releasing, healing and letting go of all that is stopping them from fully claiming their magic and co-creating the business (and life) of their dreams that considers all and our home.


She has written this book after feeling its whispers wanting to come through. She originally thought it would be a book about manifesting, but as she let the energy guide her she was taken on another journey and had to let go of any pre-conceived ideas of control. It led to her writing this book, a book about co-creating with the energies, which was quite a magical metaphor in itself.


She is also the author of Embodied – A self-care guide for sensitive souls and Embodied Business – A guide to grounding and aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs, and the Embodied Wisdom oracle card deck, all published with The Unbound Press.





Growing Flowers from Within Carol Cavalcante EBOOK COVER (1) (2).jpg
Growing Flowers From Within
Carol Cavalcante
Published 5 May 2022

The healing journey out of darkness. Growing Flowers from Within is a collection of poetry designed to inspire and bring light to the lessons behind each shadow we may carry within us unconsciously.


Most of the times it is through the hidden parts of ourselves that we find our way.


Through the depths of darkness, it is where the journey of enlightenment begins...

There you sit with your fears - There you gain strength after your tears

- There you find your light when all you wished was to disappear...


In her book of poetry, Growing Flowers from Within, Carol Cavalcante explores the spiritual path and the lessons one can attain through their own personal cycle of healing. This book is divided into sections, aimed at sharing messages to help, and inspire you to heal your soul. Carol compares the awakening process to the rebirth and rising of the Lotus flower despite the stuck and lonely feeling one may experience when going through heavy dense waters.


This is the story of finding the inner lost seeds to grow your flowers once again.


About the Author


Carol Cavalcante is a writer, producer, and host of the Soft Breezes Podcast. She enjoys all conversations behind topics of spiritual psychology, mystic tarot, astrology, and soulful awakening. She hopes to continue exploring the spiritual hero's journey and expressing the art of healing emotional wounds through her writing and the self-help topics available on her podcast show. Her goal is to help and inspire others to uncover their unconscious shadows and help them flourish and rediscover their highest potential. Stay tuned for more book releases and future announcements.





Embodied Wisdom
Tara Jackson
Published 22 February 2022

This 66-card deck brings you back into alignment with your entire being – spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. It includes images and messages from your soul star chakra down to your earth star chakra, including chakra dragons and their wisdom.

Each image is lovingly hand painted and is a colour activation and energy portal, a way to remind you of your truth, as well as heal and release anything that you no longer need to be carrying so that you can align more fully with who you are here to be.

To live a life of limitless courage, wild expression and deep magic. To embody your fullest self and remember that you are a co-creator in your life. As you align with your authentic power, unique wisdom and truth, you truly can create the life you desire.

There are many cards inspired by the magical system of Colour Mirrors, which shows how each colour, and colour combinations, reflect insights on what is going on inside yourself on a deeper level. This can indicate areas where there is healing needed, perhaps where you are looking to make changes, or simply where you are at right now in your life. Some can also link to past lives where there is something to be released, cleared or let go of. Colour Mirrors is truly an incredible system, which has positively impacted my life on so many levels, and it is an honour to share it with you through this deck – a part of my interpretation from working with the system.

The deck also connects with the chakra system, from the soul star (above the head) to the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, base/root to the earth star chakra (beneath your feet) tuning into these energy centres and their wisdom. Each card varies in terms of what it offers, including guidance, support, prompts and inspiration, as well as some alchemy and magic (which came through in the form of chakra dragon energies), to remind you of your truth and gently bring you back into alignment.

The seven chakra dragon cards came through in one day, just when I thought that the artwork for the deck was finished. I had been feeling, and leaning into, dragon energy a lot during Covid, and it turns out their powerful energy had to be included. They also didn’t want to be placed in any particular order within the deck, they wanted to be spread around like pockets of magic for you to find. I feel that they came in to remind me (and maybe you) that the creative process is certainly not linear and to trust in the unfolding and magic of co-creation.

Each image tunes into your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional bodies, guiding you into alignment with your truth. Inviting you to shed layers, beliefs and stories that no longer serve you, so that you feel more embodied and ready to be all you are and claim your magnificence.

The deck includes:

• 66 full colour cards, large tarot size.
• Full colour guidebook with artwork.
• A solid, hard box to hold your cards.
• Published (with The Unbound Press) and printed in the UK. There are only small numbers being printed at this time.





Awakening Legacy - Sarah Parkes.jpg
Awakening Legacy
Conceived & Curated by Sarah Parkes
Published 22 November 2021

Ever wanted to break free from the limitations of the past, and live life on your terms?

Not that long ago the authors of this book were exactly where you are... life events or awakening moments led them to make different choices, ones that enabled them to break free from the limitations of the past.

'Awakening Legacy' is a collection of inspiring stories from a variety of people who all have a big vision, and a mission to impact many lives, for the good of all.


The intention of this book is to inspire, awaken, and enable you to take conscious action in your own life.

To begin to connect or reconnect you with your legacy, your purpose.

If you have wanted more and desire to be outside the constraints of the family you grew up in, and the society you live in...

This is for you. And we can't wait to journey with you.

Contributors to Awakening Legacy:

Sarah Parkes

Lee Chambers

Sian Rule

Lindani Njie

Becki Marie Douglas

Emma Baylin

Beckie Shuttleworth

Mel Harris

Yvette Puliga

Alexander Mackenzie

Katie J Redstar

Amanda Daniels-Allen





The Divine Feminist Ceryn Rowntree EBOOK COVER.png
The Divine Feminist
Ceryn Rowntree
Published 18 November 2021

Our world is out of balance; so far out of balance we've almost forgotten there was ever an alternative.


We know the age-old story of oppression of the Goddess in favour of a patriarchal force, and the ways that same story has played out over the centuries and generations to impact upon all those who identify as women.


But what if we were to step back from that story and look at the ways it plays out more broadly too and how we - and our planet - are suffering as a result.


Divine Feminism invites us to look deeper at this inequality, and consider the ways that all things considered "feminine" have been treated as less than over the centuries and generations.


This book is your invitation to reconnect with those aspects within and for ourselves and the world; to find the sacred balance and flow that lies beyond the dualities society has inflicted upon us and allow them to bring you not only back to yourself, but to a life that helps you remind the world there is another way.





Adventure After - Trudi Remer.jpg
Adventure After - A Journey in Search of Me
Trudi Remer
Published 1 November 2021

Born and raised in a loving home, Trudi seemed to have the perfect life. Until one day when she was eleven years old, a tragic death in the family changed the trajectory of her life forever. As if that wasn't enough, further devastation crashed through Trudi's life, leaving her without any close family by the time she reached her mid-thirties. She was all alone.


What follows is an inspiring transformation, as Trudi built a new life by going where her heart and her feet lead her - from country music concerts in Nashville and hockey games in Canada to thermal springs in Iceland and the legendary Camino de Santiago.


Adventure After is Trudi's story of how she faced her grief throughout the years. With her adventurous spirit, she searched the world to discover what mattered the most to her and found her way back to herself.


A compelling read for those who have experienced the loss of a dear family member(s). An honest, raw look at the author's resilience in building a full life after she lost her family.


Trudi is a life-after-grief coach. Her superpower is her ability to let you be seen and heard by listening deeply and tapping into her intuition. She loves to connect women back to their inner power so they can be their best selves. She lives in Colorado with her husband and their cherished dogs.





Permission to be Rich Tonia Gaudiuso EBOOK COVER.jpg
Permission to be Rich: 5 Steps To Become More Powerful Than Money
Tonia Gaudiuso
Published 28 October 2021

Are you ready to dive into this wondrous, life-altering trip?


'Do you control money or does money control you?'


Money gets a bad rap, but that's mainly because our society thrives on lack. Over the years the attitude and energy behind money has evolved. The 80s was the decade of having it all, the 90s was about credit and living beyond our means... And now in the 2020s is an opportunity to transform our money dysfunction into a healthy relationship with both money and ourselves.


We all have a money story. And for many, money becomes a source of pain and stress. What if there was another way?

In 'Permission to be Rich', Brooklyn born author Tonia Gaudiuso outlines the 5 steps to becoming more powerful than money. After a successful career in finance that spans over two decades, Tonia has gained a deep understanding of individuals' emotional blocks and lifelong habits that they inherit around finance. These insights inspire Tonia to empower her clients to have financial freedom.


In this book, you will be guided through the '5 Steps' - an approach that is both practical and magical. A series of tried and tested steps designed to help you rewrite your money story and embark on a more joyful relationship with your finances.







The empath's guide to the universe.jpeg
The Empath's Guide To The Universe
Sarah Marshall
Published 30 September 2021

Have you ever walked into a room and the energy just felt off? The hairs on the back of your neck stand up or you just have that icky feeling?


Have you ever been told you're too sensitive, too intense, and feel drained after being in a huge crowd? That people just don't seem to understand you and you feel you need some time and space from everyone?


Are you feeling extremely lost and overwhelmed, saddened, or even enraged at the world and the events happening around you? Do complete strangers just dump their life story on you?


If the answer is yes to any or all of these, chances are you're an empath, or perhaps you know someone like this and want to learn more.


The Empath's Guide To The Universe takes you from a place of feeling lost, drained, and confused to a place of understanding, feeling seen, and heard - that your sensitivity is a gift just waiting to be harnessed.


When you embark on this path with me, you'll gain an understanding of your superpower - your empathy - and learn about the various types of empaths, self care rituals that will give you a greater sense of empowerment, how astrology can be helpful to gaining a deeper understanding about you and your unique soul mission, and much more.


I hope that in sharing my personal experiences along the way with you, that you begin to feel a little less alone, a bit more understood, and way more empowered than before you picked up this book. You are the expert on you, but I am honored to be a part of your healing and awakening voyage - remembering your power and who you truly are.


Are you ready to dive into this wondrous, life-altering trip?





Sacred Selling
Melina Abbott
Published 21 September 2021

Sacred Selling is not just another sales book. It is a practical, engaging guide to transforming your business and your entire life. With its powerful examples and practical tips you'll learn how to merge spirituality and sales in a way that feels good without any of the "ickiness" spiritual entrepreneurs often feel when selling.


Beautifully written, containing vulnerable, personal stories Sacred Selling will transform your experience of sales. Instead of something you dread, selling will become joyful - a part of your business you love and get excited about. After reading this book, you'll know deep within your soul, that every sales conversation is changing someone's life in the most magical way.

It's a game changer.


"When you read this book and apply the principals, you'll experience the art of selling from a completely new, unique and enjoyable perspective." Diane Johnston


"Full of inspiring real-life examples for attracting customers from your heart instead of getting caught up in your head. So beautifully written evoking how this more magical approach makes the whole experience such an enjoyable and rewarding one for all." Leigh Clarke


"A breath of fresh air in the world of sales, particularly when selling transformational services that are difficult to describe." Julie Johnson


Melina Abbott is a ninja sales queen and helps spiritually aware coaches and healers create a beautiful blend of grounded, practical sales systems that align with intuitive, spiritual transformation. Her calm energy and playful, adventurous spirit inspires people to play full out, creating a business they love and living a life that fills their heart with joy.





Light The Way
Natalie Farrell
Published 16 September 2021

Light The Way is a powerful companion for modern-day change makers who are ready to go all-in and activate the power of their intuitive voice.


What would happen if you could take off your shoes and dance with life for a while?


Are you a lost soul? A magnetic soul? A wounded soul? Or perhaps you are an awakening soul? It's time to remember your purpose?


Whatever type of soul you are, your intuition brought you here to remind you, you are not alone. Transitioning can feel lonely, right? Like you are the only person hanging out in the transformational changing room of life. Sitting on the sidelines between fear and the unknown, stuck in limbo-land, knowing you want to make the change but having no clue where to start?


Light The Way is set to be a beautiful companion on your journey, sensitively allowing you to fall between the cracks of your fears and reawaken the mystical masteries of the unknown. In these pages, you will activate forgotten tools required for laying the foundations to go all in and fully reclaim your out-of-the-ordinary soul story.


Elegantly broken into three parts this book offers you the guidance needed for transitioning into life the soul fuelled way.


PART ONE: UNLOCKING YOUR INTUITIVE MASTERY moving you through the 7 stages of wake- up calls


•The Disintegration of Pedestal Status - Growing up. No one said it was going to be easy!

•Demystifying Hierarchal Projection Learning to detach from attachment

•Reclaiming Your Voice - Setting free the unconscious binds


PART TWO: SOUL HUSTLERS ARISE - getting you ready to activate your soul's purpose 


•Untying the knots of your past to remind you that choice exists

•Start to respect the skin you are in

•Turning Resistance into Remembering


PART THREE: BECOMING THE COSMIC DANCER - Ensconce yourself in the beauty of self-reclamation


•Embracing your imperfections

•Realigning with trust

•Calling in your Divine Dream Team



Along the journey Natalie shares her soulfully devised Spiritual Growth Strategies including mediations, soul activations, and rapid energy cleansing methods offering the reader time to reflect in their own time and deepen the reconnection process to realign and fully embody the awakening of their soul's purpose. Also introducing Natalie's intuited collection of Starseed poems curated with the Cosmos for deep activation shifts. Each poem has the soul imprint of each soul who is now ready to reclaim their soul's purpose, ready to awaken and equalise their divine feminine and masculine within.





This is For Katie Seanica Howe EBOOK COVER.jpg
This is for Katie
Katie Snow
Published 26 August 2021

When it comes to love, we've all been a Katie.

How on earth do you find love in these shape-shifting times? You know it's out there but somehow, even inside of some of your long-term or committed relationships with men, it eludes you.

Love feels just out of reach no matter who you meet or what choices you make. You feel frustrated. You're an optimist. But, sometimes, you want to give up.

This is for Katie is a guide to dating for women of all ages, but particularly those in their twenties and thirties. The wisdom shared in this book grew organically from Katie Snow's interactions with women, the advice she would give them, and their insistence that she write a book to help a younger generation of women find true love and, above all, a love for themselves.

This is that book.


About Katie Snow:


Even though Katie Snow obtained a doctorate in science, allowing her to treat thousands of patients within her private practice over the last two decades, and then a master's degree in modern and contemporary art, which provided her access into the global art world from which her published works stemmed, her true education has come





The Starseed Sacred Circle Yolandi Boshoff EBOOK COVER.jpg
The Starseed Sacred Circle
Yolandi Boshoff
Published 22 July 2021

Stepping out of the weirdo closet will set you free!


For so long we have been hiding from who we truly are. We have hidden away our glorious 'weird' selves for fear of judgement. No more!


In this transformative book, Soul Coach, Yolandi Boshoff tells her deeply personal story of discovering her own Starseed connection and stepping into the wonderful world of Woo Woo straight after choosing to leave her successful corporate career.


She takes you on a journey of self-discovery, dismantling your own judgements and those of the world around you. She delves into the Akashic Records, Starseed Wounds, DNA Activation, Light Language and the relationship with the patriarchy.


You will be guided through her Starseed Sacred Circle work, connecting to your shadow, your truth, your power and your inner wisdom, all whilst learning to work with Mother Gaia, the light beings from Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius.


This book will inspire you to embrace your magnificent truth. Are you ready?





Copy of RosasChoiceCover.jpg
Rosa's Choice: A journey to the world of the spirit baby and how we can build a New Earth, together
Debra Kilby
Published 20 May 2021

Rosa's Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother, offers a fascinating behind the scenes peek into life before life. It reveals the choices made by spirit babies, why they choose not to come just yet, why they choose not to stay. And why your journey to motherhood is part of your soul healing journey. The book also reveals how there is a wave of new souls here and waiting to arrive, who together with their parents and life guides, are playing a much bigger role in building a New Earth. This book is therefore not only for women on their journey to motherhood, but for all those whose role it is to support them, their babies and Mother Earth herself.

It brings the spiritual and practical together with messages from the spirit baby realm and Divine Masters on the energy of creation and the imbalance between the feminine and masculine. It also examines very practically the various thought patterns and beliefs that affect the way we see, feel and experience life, including the journey to motherhood, and how to transform them.


It is essentially three books in one with each part awakening and opening you up ever deeper into the truth and magnificence of who you are and the role you're here to play.


In my eyes, Rosa is my baby soul in spirit, who I said a heart-breaking hello and goodbye to on 5th December 2010, in a life-changing moment of choice. I had no idea at the time, in my sense of unworthiness, victimhood and grief, that she was so much more than that; that I was so much more than that. That life, before, whilst here and after, is so much more than that.

Our story, I hope, will open your hearts and minds to the full glory of this life on earth and beyond, and what it means for each and every one of us, on an individual, collective and spiritual level.

Copy of Victoria Smisek Falling Awake EB
Falling Awake - A Heroine's Journey
Victoria Smisek
Published 29 April 2021

Falling Awake - A Heroine's Journey is a memoir about how we continue to re-create early experiences throughout our lives, until we can wake up enough to realise and set ourselves free.


The story is told in three parts; revisiting Victoria's early life and the events that shaped her, recalling how she then repeated the patterns that had been set, then finally integrating her learning from 20 years as a psychotherapist to set about healing the past and attempting to move forward in a new way. The result is a raw and honest, often funny, often sad, tale of introspection and growth.


This book is for anyone who is curious about the patterns we repeat and how we are conditioned by our early experiences. It is also for anyone who may be feeling stuck and who is looking for some inspiration or has ever it just me?!


In 2018, after her two boys had left home, Victoria decided to sell her house, go travelling and re-discover who she was and who she was going to be for the next phase of her life. She stepped into the unknown, trusting what would unfold. What followed was two years of travelling to several countries, training to be a qoya teacher, taking part in numerous ceremonies and rituals, attending 10-day-long silent vipassana retreats, selling the remainder of her possessions, healing some old wounds, and writing a memoir. In sharing her story she trusts that it will find its' way to those who will benefit from reading about it, because when we write to heal and share that writing, others can heal too.

20202VISION Cover image.jpg
#2020VISION: Unbound Perspectives From a Year Like No Other
The Unbound Press
Published 25 February 2021

Following the end of an epic year of unbinding, #2020VISION is a time capsule like no other; filled with stories and wisdom to be captured in time.


Curated by The Unbound Press, the soul-led publishing imprint for the unbound writer and led by Nicola Humber (author, founder, and literary spell-caster), #2020VISION captures 20 different and magical perspectives from the year 2020. 


#2020VISION invites the reader to experience each author's wisdom, learnings and heart-warming stories. 


"One thing that's for sure is that we cannot NOT have been changed by the events of 2020," says Nicola. "Most of us likely connected with new or forgotten aspects of ourselves or adapted to change we could never have imagined. What better way to capture that moment in time than by way of this incredible collection of real-life stories!"


The year 2020 was one where many had time to weave and birth stories, and so this book captures 20 unique perspectives on life through the pandemic. Designed to give hope and to share wisdom and learnings, #2020VISION may open your eyes to other possibilities or perspectives you had never even considered.


Contributors to #2020VISION:


Nicola Humber, Founder of the Unbound Press

Natalie Farrell, Cosmic Soul School  

Sue Sutherland, The Feel Institute

Tonia Gaudiuso, Author of New Commodities  

Tara Jackson, Empathprenuers

Natalie Windle Fell, Author of Rude Awakening - A MixTape 

Jo Gifford, Author of Brilliance Unboxed

Stephanie Starla, Womens Empowerment Coach

Lucy Anne Chard, Replenish your Life 

Cathy Skipper, Aromagnosis

Sarah Weale, Transformational Coach

Sarah Lloyd, IndigoSoulPR

Lorraine Pannetier, The Word Whisperer

Holly McLoughlin, Evolving Careers

Moriah Ama Hope, Transformational Coach

Diana Morgan, Intuitive Energy Healer 

Sarah Wheeler, YourenoughYoga 

Dainei Tracy, Spiritual Coach

Angie Northwood, Author of Take Off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea.

Sarika Jain, Relationship Sorceress 

Lola Fayemi , Transformation Specialist, Leadership Coach & Writer.

Carrie J Myers, Yoga Instructor  

Natalie Windle Fell Rude Awakening Cover
Rude Awakening
Natalie Windle-Fell
Published 11 February 2021

This book is for all of the real human beings going through an awakening.


Yes, that's you. and you're probably further along than you think.


Perhaps you're burned out from the "love and light" crew, the spiritual ego gang, and just want someone to relate to, FINALLY? #realtalk


Or you're looking for validation that your gut feelings are right? (heads up: they are).


PSA: no-one knows how to get back to who you are better than YOU.

here's the deal: at the end of the day, the fact that you woke up on this planet is all the confirmation you need that you're on the right path.


My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to help you understand this until you believe it and LIVE it, from the inside out.


Rude awakening: a mixtape takes the form of a playlist of songs that touched me throughout my spiritual awakening journey.


Wherever you are right now on the awakening path, I hope this book lands on you like a breath of (expletive-laden) fresh air and inspires you to keep going; after all, who doesn't love a great playlist?!

Let's press play.

The Way of the Priestess EBOOK COVER.jpg
The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power and Divine Purpose
Sarah Coxon
Published 21 January 2021

The Way of the Priestess is both a personal memoir and call to arms for any woman who feels trapped in a social cage that stifles her truest expression. It's for any woman brave enough to walk a new path, reclaim her power, walk hand in hand with the Divine and live a free and purposeful life.


Whether you want to live more authentically, start a business or movement, or simply feel more ease and joy, The Way of the Priestess will inspire you to reclaim your feminine truth. It will also radically shift the way you see the world and the part that you're here to play in its evolution.


An archaeologist turned women's mentor, Dr. Sarah Coxon is a modern day priestess. Her writing and mentoring programmes help women dig deep to reclaim the fullest expression of themselves.

Copy of cover.jpg
My Sisters' House: From Kitchen Table to Women's Centre
Julie Budge
Published 10 December 2020

My Sisters' House - From Kitchen table to Women's Centre is a story of women supporting women, of the impact of pain, loss, abuse, and poverty suffered by women but also of inspiration, strength, resilience, drive, passion and determination shown by the same women. Julie recalls those childhood days in a 'tense' environment, those early young adult days with that lovely feeling that life is in front of you and everything's possible. She then transports you to some 30 years later when she bravely gives up a highly paid job to set up a women's centre. Creating change from one small act into many that collide to make a real difference to women's lives - but is it ever enough?


This book will widen your understanding of women's issues in today's world. Abby (not her real name) who suffers multiple issues such as abuse, addictions, eating disorder , poor mental health, chaotic lifestyle, no family support and lives a troubled life. She appears at the Centre in survival mode, she's been drinking. Abby's story does not have a good ending.


Whilst this book will take you through an inspiring uplifting emotional story full of learnings, real life & hope, it is also a true story of many women who need more help.


This book needs to be best seller - it is a fundraiser - so we can open the door more, have more specialist staff and ultimately open a supported housing therapy house so the Abby's of the world can thrive.


Julie Budge is an award-winning Founder & CEO of My Sisters'House Women's Centre. Thirty years of working in various roles in the Voluntary Community Sector, with an expertise in fundraising and a passion for helping women in need.

After The Last Fall.png
After The Last Fall
Amy Babiarz
Published 19 November 2020

There hasn't been magic in Battlewood in 100 years-at least, that's what most people believe. But for a few citizens of Battlewood, they all know the truth to be a little different.


When Aleca Grimme turns up missing, Comander Raznik knows that it has something to do with magic; angry, he tasks Jace Grimme, Aleca's sister, to bring her back home and face her consequences. As Jace makes her way through the surrounding lands, though, she begins to realize that not everything is as it seems-and that she and her people have been kept in the dark for the last century. What is being hidden from them, and more importantly, why? When Jace at last confronts Commander Raznik, what she learns changes her life-and Battlewood-forever.

Embodied Business final cover.jpg
Embodied Business
Tara Jackson
Published 11 November 2020

Embodied Business is for empath entrepreneurs, to support them with grounding and aligning their businesses with the seven main chakras in the body, with the earth star and soul star as anchor points.


It looks at some of the principles, blocks and issues that can come up on the entrepreneurial journey, as each can correspond to a different chakra.


• Earth star chakra: nourishment, holding and support from Mother Earth 

• Base chakra: grounding and business boundaries 

• Sacral chakra: creativity and receiving in your business 

• Solar plexus chakra: owning your worth, value and authentic power 

• Heart chakra: connecting with others and sharing vulnerably 

• Throat chakra: communication and expression in your business 

• Third eye chakra: your business' vision and owning your spiritual gifts 

• Crown chakra: taking action in alignment with your purpose 

• Soul star chakra: Divine Love 

When these areas are addressed and brought to light, the whole entrepreneurial journey flows much more smoothly. You become a vibrational match for ideal clients. You feel safe to show up and share in your authentic power, and you own your worth as the shining light that you are. 

There are stories and examples shared throughout the book from Tara's own experience as well as her clients; holistic wellness; inspirational guidance; plus many practical tools and prompts for each chakra to support and inspire you with your business as an empathpreneur. 


Tara is a business mentor, Colour Mirrors practitioner and a holistic health and wellness coach. With two decades working alongside many entrepreneurs in different industries, and through her own entrepreneurial journey, Tara learned that whilst taking action and showing up consistently as well as having systems and processes in place for a business is essential, having the inner energetics aligned is equally important, particularly for empaths. Her work now supports empath entrepreneurs with these inner energetics and blocks that can come up, as well as the practical elements of running an online business from systems and processes to PR and marketing, done in a way to honour the needs of sensitive souls.

Unbound Writing ebook cover (1).jpg
Unbound Writing
Nicola Humber
Published 1 October 2020

How would it be to write the book you're really here to write?


In Unbound Writing, Nicola Humber shares years of experience as she unlocks why so many women aren't writing as their truest selves. 


What is holding you back?


This book will take you through each layer of writing in a way that both frees you to express your unique magic and creates a rich connection with each of your potential readers. 


Who is it you want to write as? Who is your truest self?


Learn how to realise your own process, and to trust yourself and your instincts as an author (because that is what you are!). But more importantly learn:


How are you going to allow yourself to become Unbound?

Brilliance Unboxed - cover.png
Brilliance Unboxed
Jo Gifford
Published 23 March 2020

'Brilliance Unboxed' is an exploration of the essence of brilliance through our assumptions, experiences and ownership of it. The book seeks to unbox the magic that we all have within us and is an invitation to truly connect with our brilliance through unabashed reclamation, cell-level, soul-led fist pumps, and a side order of air guitar.


Fuelled by creativity, coffee and kettlebells, Jo is a content creator, strategist and project manager for multiple global agile teams.


Jo’s background as a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business makes for an eclectic and colourful content approach. Champion of working smarter and creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process, she has a loyal global audience and a stellar client list of biz owners making big sales and a big difference.

A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, Entrepreneur, YFS Magazine and many more online publications, she’s a respected UK voice on content development and creative thinking. She’s also a mum of twin girls, an invisible illness advocate, and never knowingly under-glittered.

Motherhood Meets Me book cover.jpg
Motherhood Meets Me
Erica Walther
Published 27 February 2020

Motherhood Meets Me is a memoir about the beauty and struggle of becoming a mother after years of the pain of infertility. It is a story of the grief and struggles one goes through when learning that having a baby will not be easy and may never happen at all.


MMM serves as a testament that parenthood is not a given; it is a gift that millions of Americans fight on a daily basis to receive.  MMM is a heartfelt tale of both the pain and triumph of one couple’s dream of being called, Mom & Dad

Connecting the dots FCover.png
Connecting The Dots
Sarah Lloyd
Published 13 February 2020

Every business owner needs a brand framework and clarity of vision to take them to the next level. Securing the kudos of media coverage is the natural progression of any business owner looking to up level. The media is the ideal platform to share stories, products or services, and the results can be shared via social media and in your marketing.

In this book, together we will create that framework and clarity of vision. We (You and I) check in with your blocks, work out who you want to reach and how best to do that. We will provide you with guidance to help you share the right stories, to the right journalists, in the right way. We will help you connect your dots to help your business go from strength to strength.

Take off your armour and have a cup of t
Take Off Your Armour And Have A Cup Of Tea
Angie Northwood
Published 22 October 2019

In ‘Take off your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea’ Angie Northwood shares with us her lived experience of being a mother of a child who shows up differently in the world and of being a menopausal woman. She celebrates the beautiful gifts her daughter brings to the world and the joy of thinking outside the box offers us all. She tells us how her daughter opened doors to a freer, more fully expressed life, unbound from the narrow perspectives we are taught from an early age.


Having spent many years fighting for the rights of her daughter to be included in mainstream school and community, Angie describes herself as having been an Inclusion Warrior. Unable to ask for help for fear of exposing her vulnerability, her commitment to her daughter and her work supporting other parents of disabled children led to depletion and consequently to depression. 


It was when she crossed the threshold into her initiation of the alchemy of menopause that Angie describes how she eventually recognised her vulnerability as her courage and her strength. She was at last able to shed the layers of oppression and discrimination, the wounding experienced during her battles for Inclusion.

She challenges us to look at our learnt attitudes, beliefs behaviours and perceptions in relation to Disability and menopause. She invites us to think ‘outside the box’ providing us with tools to create inclusive practice, whilst also encouraging us to inhabit self-care and love for mind, body and spirit well-being as we learn to step outside of our comfort zone and ‘stir the cauldron of change’.

Desire Lines ePub cover.jpeg
Desire Lines
Anna Sansom
Published 9 September 2019

Desire Lines is for any woman who wants to know more about who she is as a sexual being, and who longs to express this part of herself on her own terms. She does not want to simply reflect back the image of sexuality she has been shown by society. She is ready to find out her own sexual truths and to step into these - seeking out and following her own, unique desire lines. 


Through sharing stories of her own sexual journey, along with evocative erotica, and insightful questions for the reader, Anna invites you to explore and create a map of your own desires. Bold, challenging and inspiring, Desire Lines contains graphic language and descriptions of sex and sexuality, including kink and BDSM, gender and body non-conformity, lust and love.


Anna is a former sexual surrogate partner and wrote the Sex/Life column for DIVA Magazine for two years. Her published erotica includes short stories and a full-length novel. Frustrated by the limited and restrictive portrayals of women’s sexuality in the mainstream media, she is driven to offer alternative perspectives. Desire Lines provides a unique way of looking at sexuality by exploring the themes of our desires, rather than focusing on specific fantasies. These themes (our personal desire lines) help to reveal who we are, what we need, and what we want, to thrive as sexual beings.

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Embodied – A self-care guide for Sensitive Souls
Tara Jackson
Published 11 July 2019

Following the death of her mother at a young age, Tara went through years of self-harming – eating disorders and addictions to alcohol, food and more, lots of self-loathing and spiralling in and out of depression. She always put on a brave face and tried to get through it. 


A few years ago something inside her clicked – she was sick and tired of being this way and doubly motivated by external events she HAD to change her life. So she did!


Tara found new tools and ways to help her learn to love herself as a highly sensitive empath. She committed to herself every day, and life just keeps on getting better. 


It includes an honest, vulnerable and deeply personal account of Tara’s journey and what she went through. Then there is a comprehensive guide with 52 practical self-care tips, actions and inspiration, as well as real life examples of how she used these things to help her heal. These can be used like an oracle deck as needed for that little bit of extra self-care guidance, or however resonates with the reader.

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The New Normal
Jennifer Booker
Published 25 April 2019

Imagine my shock at coming out as transgender at nearly age 50, when such a thing was literally unthinkable.  I had been a good little conformist, having leveraged my scientific talent into three engineering degrees, worked in the aerospace and defense industries, and taught computing for a decade and a half.  I was really good at following the rules to get what I wanted. But quietly I was frustrated at my ongoing attempts to follow the rules for men in our society. They didn’t make sense, especially for dating, and I kept doing things that were not traditionally acceptable for men, like studying midwifery.


The New Normal describes my journey in detail from coming out as transgender to myself, then to friends, family, and at work. What is it like exploring women’s fashion and makeup for the first time? The medical, emotional, and social aspects of going on hormone therapy and getting gender confirmation surgery are explored, along with extensive scientific references to compare my experiences to other’s.  The legal requirements for going through gender confirmation surgery and how I met them are shown verbatim, in addition to important details like getting a name change and changing the gender marker (M/F) on legal documents.  In this way my book was written as a guide for transgender people, their loved ones, and as well as students and professionals in the medical, social, and gender sciences.

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