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The Starseed Sacred Circle
Yolandi Boshoff
Published 22 July 2021

Stepping out of the weirdo closet will set you free!


For so long we have been hiding from who we truly are. We have hidden away our glorious 'weird' selves for fear of judgement. No more!


In this transformative book, Soul Coach, Yolandi Boshoff tells her deeply personal story of discovering her own Starseed connection and stepping into the wonderful world of Woo Woo straight after choosing to leave her successful corporate career.


She takes you on a journey of self-discovery, dismantling your own judgements and those of the world around you. She delves into the Akashic Records, Starseed Wounds, DNA Activation, Light Language and the relationship with the patriarchy.


You will be guided through her Starseed Sacred Circle work, connecting to your shadow, your truth, your power and your inner wisdom, all whilst learning to work with Mother Gaia, the light beings from Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius.


This book will inspire you to embrace your magnificent truth. Are you ready?





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Rosa's Choice: A journey to the world of the spirit baby and how we can build a New Earth, together
Debra Kilby
Published 20 May 2021

Rosa's Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother, offers a fascinating behind the scenes peek into life before life. It reveals the choices made by spirit babies, why they choose not to come just yet, why they choose not to stay. And why your journey to motherhood is part of your soul healing journey. The book also reveals how there is a wave of new souls here and waiting to arrive, who together with their parents and life guides, are playing a much bigger role in building a New Earth. This book is therefore not only for women on their journey to motherhood, but for all those whose role it is to support them, their babies and Mother Earth herself.

It brings the spiritual and practical together with messages from the spirit baby realm and Divine Masters on the energy of creation and the imbalance between the feminine and masculine. It also examines very practically the various thought patterns and beliefs that affect the way we see, feel and experience life, including the journey to motherhood, and how to transform them.


It is essentially three books in one with each part awakening and opening you up ever deeper into the truth and magnificence of who you are and the role you're here to play.


In my eyes, Rosa is my baby soul in spirit, who I said a heart-breaking hello and goodbye to on 5th December 2010, in a life-changing moment of choice. I had no idea at the time, in my sense of unworthiness, victimhood and grief, that she was so much more than that; that I was so much more than that. That life, before, whilst here and after, is so much more than that.

Our story, I hope, will open your hearts and minds to the full glory of this life on earth and beyond, and what it means for each and every one of us, on an individual, collective and spiritual level.

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Falling Awake - A Heroine's Journey
Victoria Smisek
Published 29 April 2021

Falling Awake - A Heroine's Journey is a memoir about how we continue to re-create early experiences throughout our lives, until we can wake up enough to realise and set ourselves free.


The story is told in three parts; revisiting Victoria's early life and the events that shaped her, recalling how she then repeated the patterns that had been set, then finally integrating her learning from 20 years as a psychotherapist to set about healing the past and attempting to move forward in a new way. The result is a raw and honest, often funny, often sad, tale of introspection and growth.


This book is for anyone who is curious about the patterns we repeat and how we are conditioned by our early experiences. It is also for anyone who may be feeling stuck and who is looking for some inspiration or has ever it just me?!


In 2018, after her two boys had left home, Victoria decided to sell her house, go travelling and re-discover who she was and who she was going to be for the next phase of her life. She stepped into the unknown, trusting what would unfold. What followed was two years of travelling to several countries, training to be a qoya teacher, taking part in numerous ceremonies and rituals, attending 10-day-long silent vipassana retreats, selling the remainder of her possessions, healing some old wounds, and writing a memoir. In sharing her story she trusts that it will find its' way to those who will benefit from reading about it, because when we write to heal and share that writing, others can heal too.

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#2020VISION: Unbound Perspectives From a Year Like No Other
The Unbound Press
Published 25 February 2021

Following the end of an epic year of unbinding, #2020VISION is a time capsule like no other; filled with stories and wisdom to be captured in time.


Curated by The Unbound Press, the soul-led publishing imprint for the unbound writer and led by Nicola Humber (author, founder, and literary spell-caster), #2020VISION captures 20 different and magical perspectives from the year 2020. 


#2020VISION invites the reader to experience each author's wisdom, learnings and heart-warming stories. 


"One thing that's for sure is that we cannot NOT have been changed by the events of 2020," says Nicola. "Most of us likely connected with new or forgotten aspects of ourselves or adapted to change we could never have imagined. What better way to capture that moment in time than by way of this incredible collection of real-life stories!"


The year 2020 was one where many had time to weave and birth stories, and so this book captures 20 unique perspectives on life through the pandemic. Designed to give hope and to share wisdom and learnings, #2020VISION may open your eyes to other possibilities or perspectives you had never even considered.


Contributors to #2020VISION:


Nicola Humber, Founder of the Unbound Press

Natalie Farrell, Cosmic Soul School  

Sue Sutherland, The Feel Institute

Tonia Gaudiuso, Author of New Commodities  

Tara Jackson, Empathprenuers

Natalie Windle Fell, Author of Rude Awakening - A MixTape 

Jo Gifford, Author of Brilliance Unboxed

Stephanie Starla, Womens Empowerment Coach

Lucy Anne Chard, Replenish your Life 

Cathy Skipper, Aromagnosis

Sarah Weale, Transformational Coach

Sarah Lloyd, IndigoSoulPR

Lorraine Pannetier, The Word Whisperer

Holly McLoughlin, Evolving Careers

Moriah Ama Hope, Transformational Coach

Diana Morgan, Intuitive Energy Healer 

Sarah Wheeler, YourenoughYoga 

Dainei Tracy, Spiritual Coach

Angie Northwood, Author of Take Off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea.

Sarika Jain, Relationship Sorceress 

Lola Fayemi , Transformation Specialist, Leadership Coach & Writer.

Carrie J Myers, Yoga Instructor  

Natalie Windle Fell Rude Awakening Cover
Rude Awakening
Natalie Windle-Fell
Published 11 February 2021

This book is for all of the real human beings going through an awakening.


Yes, that's you. and you're probably further along than you think.


Perhaps you're burned out from the "love and light" crew, the spiritual ego gang, and just want someone to relate to, FINALLY? #realtalk


Or you're looking for validation that your gut feelings are right? (heads up: they are).


PSA: no-one knows how to get back to who you are better than YOU.

here's the deal: at the end of the day, the fact that you woke up on this planet is all the confirmation you need that you're on the right path.


My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to help you understand this until you believe it and LIVE it, from the inside out.


Rude awakening: a mixtape takes the form of a playlist of songs that touched me throughout my spiritual awakening journey.


Wherever you are right now on the awakening path, I hope this book lands on you like a breath of (expletive-laden) fresh air and inspires you to keep going; after all, who doesn't love a great playlist?!

Let's press play.

The Way of the Priestess EBOOK COVER.jpg
The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power and Divine Purpose
Sarah Coxon
Published 21 January 2021

The Way of the Priestess is both a personal memoir and call to arms for any woman who feels trapped in a social cage that stifles her truest expression. It's for any woman brave enough to walk a new path, reclaim her power, walk hand in hand with the Divine and live a free and purposeful life.


Whether you want to live more authentically, start a business or movement, or simply feel more ease and joy, The Way of the Priestess will inspire you to reclaim your feminine truth. It will also radically shift the way you see the world and the part that you're here to play in its evolution.


An archaeologist turned women's mentor, Dr. Sarah Coxon is a modern day priestess. Her writing and mentoring programmes help women dig deep to reclaim the fullest expression of themselves.

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My Sisters' House: From Kitchen Table to Women's Centre
Julie Budge
Published 10 December 2020

My Sisters' House - From Kitchen table to Women's Centre is a story of women supporting women, of the impact of pain, loss, abuse, and poverty suffered by women but also of inspiration, strength, resilience, drive, passion and determination shown by the same women. Julie recalls those childhood days in a 'tense' environment, those early young adult days with that lovely feeling that life is in front of you and everything's possible. She then transports you to some 30 years later when she bravely gives up a highly paid job to set up a women's centre. Creating change from one small act into many that collide to make a real difference to women's lives - but is it ever enough?


This book will widen your understanding of women's issues in today's world. Abby (not her real name) who suffers multiple issues such as abuse, addictions, eating disorder , poor mental health, chaotic lifestyle, no family support and lives a troubled life. She appears at the Centre in survival mode, she's been drinking. Abby's story does not have a good ending.


Whilst this book will take you through an inspiring uplifting emotional story full of learnings, real life & hope, it is also a true story of many women who need more help.


This book needs to be best seller - it is a fundraiser - so we can open the door more, have more specialist staff and ultimately open a supported housing therapy house so the Abby's of the world can thrive.


Julie Budge is an award-winning Founder & CEO of My Sisters'House Women's Centre. Thirty years of working in various roles in the Voluntary Community Sector, with an expertise in fundraising and a passion for helping women in need.

After The Last Fall.png
After The Last Fall
Amy Babiarz
Published 19 November 2020

There hasn't been magic in Battlewood in 100 years-at least, that's what most people believe. But for a few citizens of Battlewood, they all know the truth to be a little different.


When Aleca Grimme turns up missing, Comander Raznik knows that it has something to do with magic; angry, he tasks Jace Grimme, Aleca's sister, to bring her back home and face her consequences. As Jace makes her way through the surrounding lands, though, she begins to realize that not everything is as it seems-and that she and her people have been kept in the dark for the last century. What is being hidden from them, and more importantly, why? When Jace at last confronts Commander Raznik, what she learns changes her life-and Battlewood-forever.

Embodied Business final cover.jpg
Embodied Business
Tara Jackson
Published 11 November 2020

Embodied Business is for empath entrepreneurs, to support them with grounding and aligning their businesses with the seven main chakras in the body, with the earth star and soul star as anchor points.


It looks at some of the principles, blocks and issues that can come up on the entrepreneurial journey, as each can correspond to a different chakra.


• Earth star chakra: nourishment, holding and support from Mother Earth 

• Base chakra: grounding and business boundaries 

• Sacral chakra: creativity and receiving in your business 

• Solar plexus chakra: owning your worth, value and authentic power 

• Heart chakra: connecting with others and sharing vulnerably 

• Throat chakra: communication and expression in your business 

• Third eye chakra: your business' vision and owning your spiritual gifts 

• Crown chakra: taking action in alignment with your purpose 

• Soul star chakra: Divine Love 

When these areas are addressed and brought to light, the whole entrepreneurial journey flows much more smoothly. You become a vibrational match for ideal clients. You feel safe to show up and share in your authentic power, and you own your worth as the shining light that you are. 

There are stories and examples shared throughout the book from Tara's own experience as well as her clients; holistic wellness; inspirational guidance; plus many practical tools and prompts for each chakra to support and inspire you with your business as an empathpreneur. 


Tara is a business mentor, Colour Mirrors practitioner and a holistic health and wellness coach. With two decades working alongside many entrepreneurs in different industries, and through her own entrepreneurial journey, Tara learned that whilst taking action and showing up consistently as well as having systems and processes in place for a business is essential, having the inner energetics aligned is equally important, particularly for empaths. Her work now supports empath entrepreneurs with these inner energetics and blocks that can come up, as well as the practical elements of running an online business from systems and processes to PR and marketing, done in a way to honour the needs of sensitive souls.

Unbound Writing ebook cover (1).jpg
Unbound Writing
Nicola Humber
Published 1 October 2020

How would it be to write the book you're really here to write?


In Unbound Writing, Nicola Humber shares years of experience as she unlocks why so many women aren't writing as their truest selves. 


What is holding you back?


This book will take you through each layer of writing in a way that both frees you to express your unique magic and creates a rich connection with each of your potential readers. 


Who is it you want to write as? Who is your truest self?


Learn how to realise your own process, and to trust yourself and your instincts as an author (because that is what you are!). But more importantly learn:


How are you going to allow yourself to become Unbound?

Brilliance Unboxed - cover.png
Brilliance Unboxed
Jo Gifford
Published 23 March 2020

'Brilliance Unboxed' is an exploration of the essence of brilliance through our assumptions, experiences and ownership of it. The book seeks to unbox the magic that we all have within us and is an invitation to truly connect with our brilliance through unabashed reclamation, cell-level, soul-led fist pumps, and a side order of air guitar.


Fuelled by creativity, coffee and kettlebells, Jo is a content creator, strategist and project manager for multiple global agile teams.


Jo’s background as a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business makes for an eclectic and colourful content approach. Champion of working smarter and creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process, she has a loyal global audience and a stellar client list of biz owners making big sales and a big difference.

A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, Entrepreneur, YFS Magazine and many more online publications, she’s a respected UK voice on content development and creative thinking. She’s also a mum of twin girls, an invisible illness advocate, and never knowingly under-glittered.

Motherhood Meets Me book cover.jpg
Motherhood Meets Me
Erica Walther
Published 27 February 2020

Motherhood Meets Me is a memoir about the beauty and struggle of becoming a mother after years of the pain of infertility. It is a story of the grief and struggles one goes through when learning that having a baby will not be easy and may never happen at all.


MMM serves as a testament that parenthood is not a given; it is a gift that millions of Americans fight on a daily basis to receive.  MMM is a heartfelt tale of both the pain and triumph of one couple’s dream of being called, Mom & Dad

Connecting the dots FCover.png
Connecting The Dots
Sarah Lloyd
Published 13 February 2020

Every business owner needs a brand framework and clarity of vision to take them to the next level. Securing the kudos of media coverage is the natural progression of any business owner looking to up level. The media is the ideal platform to share stories, products or services, and the results can be shared via social media and in your marketing.

In this book, together we will create that framework and clarity of vision. We (You and I) check in with your blocks, work out who you want to reach and how best to do that. We will provide you with guidance to help you share the right stories, to the right journalists, in the right way. We will help you connect your dots to help your business go from strength to strength.

Take off your armour and have a cup of t
Take Off Your Armour And Have A Cup Of Tea
Angie Northwood
Published 22 October 2019

In ‘Take off your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea’ Angie Northwood shares with us her lived experience of being a mother of a child who shows up differently in the world and of being a menopausal woman. She celebrates the beautiful gifts her daughter brings to the world and the joy of thinking outside the box offers us all. She tells us how her daughter opened doors to a freer, more fully expressed life, unbound from the narrow perspectives we are taught from an early age.


Having spent many years fighting for the rights of her daughter to be included in mainstream school and community, Angie describes herself as having been an Inclusion Warrior. Unable to ask for help for fear of exposing her vulnerability, her commitment to her daughter and her work supporting other parents of disabled children led to depletion and consequently to depression. 


It was when she crossed the threshold into her initiation of the alchemy of menopause that Angie describes how she eventually recognised her vulnerability as her courage and her strength. She was at last able to shed the layers of oppression and discrimination, the wounding experienced during her battles for Inclusion.

She challenges us to look at our learnt attitudes, beliefs behaviours and perceptions in relation to Disability and menopause. She invites us to think ‘outside the box’ providing us with tools to create inclusive practice, whilst also encouraging us to inhabit self-care and love for mind, body and spirit well-being as we learn to step outside of our comfort zone and ‘stir the cauldron of change’.

Desire Lines ePub cover.jpeg
Desire Lines
Anna Sansom
Published 9 September 2019

Desire Lines is for any woman who wants to know more about who she is as a sexual being, and who longs to express this part of herself on her own terms. She does not want to simply reflect back the image of sexuality she has been shown by society. She is ready to find out her own sexual truths and to step into these - seeking out and following her own, unique desire lines. 


Through sharing stories of her own sexual journey, along with evocative erotica, and insightful questions for the reader, Anna invites you to explore and create a map of your own desires. Bold, challenging and inspiring, Desire Lines contains graphic language and descriptions of sex and sexuality, including kink and BDSM, gender and body non-conformity, lust and love.


Anna is a former sexual surrogate partner and wrote the Sex/Life column for DIVA Magazine for two years. Her published erotica includes short stories and a full-length novel. Frustrated by the limited and restrictive portrayals of women’s sexuality in the mainstream media, she is driven to offer alternative perspectives. Desire Lines provides a unique way of looking at sexuality by exploring the themes of our desires, rather than focusing on specific fantasies. These themes (our personal desire lines) help to reveal who we are, what we need, and what we want, to thrive as sexual beings.

Embodied cover.jpg
Embodied – A self-care guide for Sensitive Souls
Tara Jackson
Published 11 July 2019

Following the death of her mother at a young age, Tara went through years of self-harming – eating disorders and addictions to alcohol, food and more, lots of self-loathing and spiralling in and out of depression. She always put on a brave face and tried to get through it. 


A few years ago something inside her clicked – she was sick and tired of being this way and doubly motivated by external events she HAD to change her life. So she did!


Tara found new tools and ways to help her learn to love herself as a highly sensitive empath. She committed to herself every day, and life just keeps on getting better. 


It includes an honest, vulnerable and deeply personal account of Tara’s journey and what she went through. Then there is a comprehensive guide with 52 practical self-care tips, actions and inspiration, as well as real life examples of how she used these things to help her heal. These can be used like an oracle deck as needed for that little bit of extra self-care guidance, or however resonates with the reader.

The New Normal - cover.jpg
The New Normal
Jennifer Booker
Published 25 April 2019

Imagine my shock at coming out as transgender at nearly age 50, when such a thing was literally unthinkable.  I had been a good little conformist, having leveraged my scientific talent into three engineering degrees, worked in the aerospace and defense industries, and taught computing for a decade and a half.  I was really good at following the rules to get what I wanted. But quietly I was frustrated at my ongoing attempts to follow the rules for men in our society. They didn’t make sense, especially for dating, and I kept doing things that were not traditionally acceptable for men, like studying midwifery.


The New Normal describes my journey in detail from coming out as transgender to myself, then to friends, family, and at work. What is it like exploring women’s fashion and makeup for the first time? The medical, emotional, and social aspects of going on hormone therapy and getting gender confirmation surgery are explored, along with extensive scientific references to compare my experiences to other’s.  The legal requirements for going through gender confirmation surgery and how I met them are shown verbatim, in addition to important details like getting a name change and changing the gender marker (M/F) on legal documents.  In this way my book was written as a guide for transgender people, their loved ones, and as well as students and professionals in the medical, social, and gender sciences.