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UNBOUND revisited: Angie Northwood

In June 2019, we announced that Angie Northwood had signed a deal with us here at The Unbound Press to bring her book into the world, Take off your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea. A year on, we take a look at what the UNBOUND writing process was like for Angie as the book came through for her, and what the last year has been like on the UNBOUND path as the book has been birthed into the world.

Angie originally found herself on the writing journey after taking part in a soul realignment practitioner training course. Through that process, she discovered that her divinity and essence is all about communications through the written and spoken word.

With that discovery came a confidence and affirmation that the book she had been thinking about writing for many years fell into place. Nicola's 5 Day Unbound Writing Challenge came up on Facebook, and Angie jumped in, which really empowered her to begin writing her book.

In an interview with Nicola about her UNBOUND writing process, Angie said, "It's just so amazing... I feel so potent and alive at the moment from creating in this unbound way. The pressures that I put on myself before are just dropping away. And so if I have a day where I don't feel the creativity, and that is very much in alignment with my cycle, and the moon and what's going on outside, then I don't write. And I don't beat myself up going, "Oh, I haven't written anything today." And then that changes. I think my energy changes, and I'll have days where I just spend all day thinking about it or getting it down". Through her writing process, Angie worked through limited beliefs about being worthy of writing, and found the experience of being held in the space of the UNBOUND Writing Mastermind to be a key part of her writing journey.

As we celebrate with Angie a year since her announcement, it's wonderful to see the magic and alchemy of her book creating waves in the world. We are also SO excited to share that she is writing her second book right now, so watch this space!

To get started with your own book, check out the podcast below from The UNBOUND Writer's Club on 6 Ways to get Started with Your Book.

Stay magical, UNBOUND one,

Nicola x

Take off Your Armour and Have a Cup of Tea’ carries a message of love, compassion and commitment to creating inclusive community for a future full of kindness, nurturing and nourishment; for ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet Earth. Angie Northwood shares her experiences as a mother of a Disabled child with honesty and authenticity. She challenges us to look at our learnt attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and perceptions in relation to Disability and the Menopause. She invites us to ‘think outside the box’ providing us with tools to create inclusive practice, whilst also encouraging us to inhabit well-being as we all learn to step outside of our comfort zones and ‘stir the cauldron of change’. Find out more about Angie on her website

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