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Hilary Salzman signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are delighted to announce that Hilary Salzman has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, The Roar of Her Story: How to tell real stories to attract your dream clients and build a business that’s unapologetically you.

Of her journey so far, Hilary shares:

‘I’m a professional storyteller, writer, podcast host and speaker dedicated to helping female business owners who struggle to use their voice confidently. 


I've supported over two hundred women in business tell their stories, and in doing so, I've 

discovered that they don’t necessarily want to seek guidance from their industry’s biggest successes, who seem, on paper, to have it all. Instead, they want to learn from people who have stood exactly where they are now and felt the same fears, experienced the same mental wobbles and emerged out the other side, not claiming to know it all but offering to share what they have learned and continue to do so through their self-development. That person is me. My passion for storytelling and commitment to changing the narrative for women over 40 ensures that this book is not just theoretical but is a practical guide that offers a roadmap for female business owners to use real stories to build a business that unapologetically reflects their true selves.’

Of the inspiration and purpose behind her book, Hilary says:

‘For the often tired yet undeniably fierce women in their 30s, 40s and 50s juggling the demands of building a business or aspiring to lead in their niche, The Roar of Her Story is the ultimate companion. It plugs a much-needed gap between traditional corporate brand storytelling books written predominantly by men, self-help and female empowerment guides, and titles focused on how to build and run small businesses.

Join fellow female business owners to discover the game-changing potential of crafting and sharing authentic stories. Learn how to attract your dream clients and fulfil your purpose, creating meaningful connections whilst building a business that reflects your brilliantly unique and unapologetic self.’

The Unbound Press cannot wait for the birth of Hilary’s unique and extremely potent book. We know it will create transformational shifts for those ready to embrace their stories and create magic and success in their lives as a result!

You can find out more about Hilary and her work by using the details below:

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