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The Unbound Press: Our Vision

As The Unbound Press heads towards its second anniversary - and yes, it, has flown! - it’s an exiting time to reflect on our vision and direction.

The Unbound Press has always had an energy and entity of its own.

Ever since Sean (Sean Patrick, of our sister company, That Guy’s House) brought through the idea and suggested it to me, it began to exist as a concept, a moving, evolving, breathing thing that grows.

The Unbound Press has grown and evolved hugely since she was born.

Over the last 2 years, it has been the home for a growing library of incredible transformational books, and the amazing authors that bring them through.

Our vision here at The Unbound Press is quite different from a traditional publishing house. We turn the traditional publishing model on its head.

We provide a platform for authors who wouldn't be able to access the traditional publishing route, as their voices and message are so unique, and they maybe don't have the existing audience that traditional publishers demand.

We provide the freedom and flexibility of self-publishing with the support and community of a traditional publisher.

In fact, we believe we offer a deeper level of support and community than most traditional publishers are able to or want to provide.

Each author's true voice is never toned down or edited in a way to make them more 'marketable'.

We want your book to have the most powerful impact, and we believe that happens when we allow your truest essence to come through.

We are growing a family of people - both our authors and our team behind the scenes - that are really changing the world with their words.

We don’t subscribe to the idea of hierarchy.

We know that if you are drawn to be part of this family, and to bring through a book with us, that your voice and your soul belong here - and you can call it home.

Bringing The Unbound Press to life and watching her grow is such an honour.

Each and every author that shares her story is creating magic in the world and within themselves. I can't wait to see what the future brings for all of us here at The Unbound Press family. Nicola x

To embark on your own unbound writing journey, click here to schedule a complimentary exploratory chat.

For information on joining the Unbound Writing Mastermind, go here.

Note: The Enchantress card shown in the main image is from the Yoni Oracle Deck (one of our favourites!)

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