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Hello, Unbound one...

The Unbound Press is a soul-led publishing imprint, committed to working with female authors whose writing activates a feeling of deep connection and transformation in others.

I'm Nicola Humber and I'm on a mission to help more women live a fully expressed life.

Too many women hold back from sharing their writing with the world because:

  • They don’t feel good enough.

  • They question whether anyone would want to hear what they have to share.

  • Writing a book feels far too overwhelming and time-consuming.

No more! The time for holding back has passed.

Movements such as #MeToo have shown us the power of women coming together and sharing their stories.

And if there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that in these tumultuous and transformational times, the world NEEDS your magic.

We honour the right of all beings to be their fullest, freest selves and to write in a way that expresses that.

At The Unbound Press we're turning the traditional publishing model on its head. We provide a platform for diverse voices, for authors to express their unique stories and the truest essence of what they're here to share at this time.


We truly believe that we can change the world, one book at a time. Are you in?

Nicola Humber, Founder of The UNBOUND Press.

P.S. Interested in joining our family of authors? Whatever stage of the writing journey you're at, find out more and complete an application below.


   Here's how we work

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We primarily work with female* authors whose work is likely to activate some form of transformation in their readers. (We are an inclusive space that centres the experiences of those who identify as women, have been socialized as girls and women or are impacted by misogyny. Together we’re unbinding from patriarchal conditioning and choosing to embody our truest selves, no matter how we identify).

We're interested in books where the author is sharing some aspect of their own story. (Because, every time a woman shares her story, the world shifts).

There are upfront fees for publishing with The Unbound Press; these cover paying our unbound team who will handle all the practical elements of publishing your book - editing, proofreading, design, global distribution, as well as marketing and mentoring you through the publishing process and beyond. You are involved every step of the way, as we want each aspect of your book to express your unique magic. As the author, you get to keep 100% of your cleared royalties.

When you join The Unbound Press, you become part of a family of authors who are each committed to being fully expressed and creating change in the world. This relationship doesn't end once your book is released - it continues and evolves, as we're always looking for the most powerful way to share our authors' work and their books. Interested in finding out more? See more information and complete an application below.


The book that started it all

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