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Podcast Episode 6: Interview with Tara Jackson on writing the UNBOUND Way

In this episode, Nicola talks to UNBOUND Press author Tara Jackson. Tara's first book, EMBODIED, was released last year on July 11. Her next book, EMBODIED BUSINESS is coming out on November 11 with the UNBOUND Press. In this episode: - Listen in on what being an UNBOUND Writer means to Tara - Discover how Tara’s second book arrived for her - Hear about what stories Tara had to unbind herself from in order to write her first book (and her second!) - Learn how the structure arrived for Tara, much to her surprise! - Hear what Tara’s main learnings were from writing her first book and tuning into her second one - How Tara’s process changed her as the author - How Tara’s book had an energy and life of it’s own - How Tara’s writing process works for her

Links mentioned: UNBOUND Writing Mastermind Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here. Connect with Tara: Website: Instagram: Facebook:

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