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Tara Jackson signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

Tara Jackson signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for EMBODIED: 

A self-care guide for sensitive souls.

Tara is a holistic health and wellness coach who works with highly sensitive people and empaths to help them with self-care, reconnecting with themselves and being fully embodied, so they can thrive in today’s world.

Following the death of her mother at a young age, Tara went through years of self-harming – eating disorders, addictions to drinking, drugs, TV, food and other things, self-loathing, being broke and in debt, and spiralling in and out of depression.

A few years ago something inside her clicked – she was sick and tired of being this way and doubly motivated by external events she HAD to change her life. So she did!

Tara found new tools and ways to help her learn to love herself as a highly sensitive empath. She committed to herself every day, and life just keeps on getting better. 

In Embodied she’s sharing this story in the hope that it can help others going through similar experiences. It includes an honest, vulnerable and deeply personal account of her journey and what she went through. There’s also a comprehensive guide with practical self-care tips, actions and inspiration as well as real life examples of how Tara used these things to help her heal.

The Unbound Press are delighted to be working with Tara, who was part of the first round of the Unbound Writing Mastermind last year. This work is SO very important and we can’t wait to bring Embodied to all those magical, sensitive souls who need it.

Connect with Tara at: 

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