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Patricia Langton signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are thrilled to announce that Patricia Langton has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, Stones In My Bones.

Patricia has an academic background in Psychology and Addiction and a professional background in Health Education. Upon developing a life-altering illness, she embarked upon a path of deep self-healing which has led her in many different directions, including training in spiritual and Rahanni Healing techniques. Of this path, Patricia says:

“I have always struggled with connection to places and being in my body. My discovery of a local stone monument and its ancient stories has had a transformational effect on me and my healing process. It turns out that the story of this small Island called Rockabill off the east coast of Ireland and its magical magnetism helped me uncover my own magical nature.”

Patricia describes Stones In My Bones as “...about the power of place, of rock, and ancient Irish mythology to heal and transform. It is a heroine's journey that spirals from the deepest well to the highest star through the power of ancient stories. In the uncovering of these stories, I reveal my own mythic story, leading from separation to connection and from hurting to healing. It shows the timelessness of these ancient mythological stories and the power they still hold to make sense of contemporary life. This book is for people (mainly women) who love mythology, the power of nature to heal and stories of transformation.

This is my first book and my hope is that, like me, you too will hear the wonderful wild whisperings of these sacred stones and stories.”

The Unbound Press are all aflutter to be working with Patricia to publish this book about her profound, illuminating healing journey that weaves the deep magic of the stones and Mother Earth with myth and storytelling. We can feel it in our own bones that Patricia’s story will speak to many people on a soul-stirring level.

You can find out more about Patricia and her journey using the details below:

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