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Natalie Windle signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for Rude Awakening: A Mixtape

We are delighted to announce that Natalie Windle has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, Rude Awakening: A Mixtape.

After being on a quest to find her true self for what feels like her entire life, in 2011 Natalie had her biggest dark night of the soul which catapulted her headfirst into a serious journey to shed everything that wasn't who she was and to get back home to what was true. Between then and now, she has been dealt some crazy cards and has been to hell and back in so many ways.

In 2018, Natalie quit her corporate job without a backup plan and dedicated her attention to her awakening, but was thrown curve ball after curve ball - instead of coming up with a successful business and living her dream life immediately, the universe laughed at her and said "not yet". She had no choice but to surrender and let her higher self take the reigns. (Resonate, much?)

Natalie knew she wanted to write her book back in 2018, but she still had to do more "research"! Earlier this year, pre-pandemic and other world happenings, she had a breakdown and felt so incredibly stuck. After tuning all the way in, she got the message that it was finally time for her to start writing. She was driving and listening to her go-to inspirational playlist and there it was - the entire format for her book, right in her ears this whole time!

Rude Awakening: A Mixtape takes the form of a playlist Natalie had been keeping of songs that touched her. Each story in the book was inspired by a song that helped her through something, inspired her to keep going when she felt like giving up, and touched a part of her soul that words alone couldn't.

Natalie wrote Rude Awakening because she wanted to show the human side of awakening, which is something she feels gets lost amidst all the cosmic stuff, which can deter and confuse people. Awakening is such a human thing and she wanted to share her stories in a down to earth, punchy way.

Natalie currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband Doug and their sweet pup Noam :)

The Unbound Press are doing a happy dance to be working with Natalie as we’ve been following her journey avidly since we first connected late last year. Wherever you are on the awakening path, we hope this book lands on you like a breath of fresh air and inspires you to keep going. And who doesn't love a great playlist?! Find out more about Natalie and Rude Awakening at: Instagram:

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