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Francesca M Okerlund signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are over the moon to announce that Francesca M Okerlund has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her forthcoming book, When My Heart Came Calling...The Buddha Dharma Through The Lens of A Baby Buddhist.

Of her journey so far and on the inspiration and purpose behind the book, Francesca shares:

‘I was inspired to write this book after I received a diagnosis of breast cancer in May 2023. Having faced possible death before in my childhood, I had to face my mortality once again. Were the worst case scenario to occur, I reflected on what message I wanted to leave behind for my three adult children. Right away my thoughts turned to the Buddha Dharma. Should they ever be in need and want to, I wished for them to know there was a safe and true path available for them to turn to. I wanted my practice to be my legacy. Out of this desire came this book with the addition of some of my photographs trying to capture the immense beauty in the present moment during many of my encounters with the natural world around me here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

This book is the kind of book I wished had been out there in the literary world when I myself began to investigate Buddhism: an introduction to this spiritual path for the curious that is personal and informative through the eyes of a Baby Buddhist, (that's me), and enough to whet the appetite of someone who is curious about Buddhist Philosophy without being complicated or overwhelming. It's a teaser if you will. It begins with addressing the fear of death I struggled with in childhood as well as most recently, and opens up to further Buddhist topics I have learned as a lay practitioner on this incredible path.'

The Unbound Press is honoured to support Francesca with the birth of this exquisite book and we know the guidance and images she shares within its pages will touch the hearts and minds of many.  

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