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Episode 170: Behind the scenes of completing a manuscript

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola talks about her own writing process – specifically, completing the manuscript for her next book, The Abundant Author, that’s due out in October. With her first draft complete, Nicola takes you behind the scenes, sharing the sort of things that bubble up at different stages of the journey. Hearing from someone who’s further along provides inspiration, but also highlights challenges that can come up.

In this Episode:

  • You’re not alone in your book-writing process

  • Imagining your book in the hands of readers can feel pretty terrifying

  • Is my book good enough and have I been kidding myself?

  • Moving from a place of ‘this is complete rubbish’ to ‘this is actually pretty good’

  • Being objective about your book

  • Striving for perfection and resisting completion

  • Reaching a place where you allow your book to be done and good enough

  • The fear of sharing your creative work with the world

  • What parts of your book are already complete?

  • Reining in comparing your book to previous ones and other people’s

  • How your readers experience your book is what’s important

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