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Episode 10: UNBOUND Writing & Abundance with Tonia G

Tonia Gaudiuso is the author of The New Commodities, set to be published with The UNBOUND Press. She is a money expert supporting individuals and small businesses who loves to guide her clients as they turn their money pain into a life full of joy and freedom.  In this episode, join Nicola Humber and Tonia in conversation about the UNBOUND Writing process, abundance, and the magic of telling our stories. In this episode:

  • How Tonia never thought of herself as a writer 

  • How the UNBOUND writing process unfolded for her

  • How Tonia found it difficult to share her voice, and how she overcame it.

  • How Tonia reclaimed her voice by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

  • How singing helped her to find joy in her voice and share it

  • How her book dropped in, and how she followed the breadcrumbs to allow the book to come through

  • How the book arrived in an UNBOUND writing workshop

  • How Tonia’s book, The New Commodities, was already written when the title arrived

  • The terrifying vulnerability and liberating freedom in writing her story

  • Tonia’s love story with money and how it began as a child

  • The book writing process as growth

  • What abundance really means to Tonia

  • How she infused abundance in her writing

  • Why space was so important in her writing process

  • The importance of the permission to play

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