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Carrie Myers signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are delighted to announce that Carrie Myers has signed a publishing deal with The Unbound Press to bring together a new collaborative book, and you can be part of it!

Soul Shine: How to excavate your light and claim your purpose is set to be a book for all women* who have dimmed their light so others could shine brighter.

Carrie says that Soul Shine is about digging into our self-talk and the places where we’ve kept ourselves in the dim corners, rather than dancing into the spotlight where we were always meant to be!

With this co-authored book it’s Carrie’s goal to shine a light on our authentic selves, to share our unique journeys and to inspire other women to share their gifts with the world. By sharing our stories she wants to show how much more alike we are, than different.

This book will not only help those who are offering their story, but also set a fire under each reader to begin revitalizing their authentic selves, dreams and lives. Oh yes!

Find out more and be part of it here. Carrie is a yoga instructor, former studio owner, poet and program developer. She also has a Master of Social Work degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. A native of Asheville, NC, and mother of three, she’s been writing since she was 10 years old. Most of her work is poetry, which reflects the phases of her life and has helped her process her journey along the way.

As a yoga instructor, Carrie discovered new ways to dig deep into her subconscious, pulling from her practice the words that held higher meaning and growth. As she puts her work out into the world, she hopes to inspire change in the hearts and souls of her readers, while holding space for each interpretation to resonate with each soul’s purpose. Carrie is passionate about creating and recognizing the beauty in the mess that life can throw at us, at times. Her goal is to help readers to rediscover their authentic selves and revive, create and discover their light within. Her passion is people, inspiring them, loving them and helping them heal from traumas. Carrie was also a contributor to our very first collaborative book project at The Unbound Press - #2020VISION: Unbound perspectives from a year like no other We’re SO excited to work with Carrie to bring Soul Shine together and we’d love you to be part of it! Find out more about how you can join us on this journey over here.

(*This book is an inclusive space within which we’ll be centering the experience of those who identify as women and/or have been socialised as girls).

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