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Yolandi Boshoff signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are delighted to announce that Yolandi Boshoff has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book the Starseed Sacred Circle.

Yolandi works as a Soul coach with clients in more than 35 countries across the world. Her passion is deep Soul remembering and reconnection. Helping you to step through the fear, find your voice and unleash your inner guru again.

Through activation of her DNA she created the Starseed Sacred Circle journey to lead her clients back to remembering who they are at a Soul level. Her own personal journey working with the stars, her ancestors and her Soul led to the creation of this process that reconnects you with you again.

In the Sacred Circle we work with your shadows, your truth, deep healing, finding your power and reconnecting with your inner wisdom. Guided by our Star ancestors from Andromeda, Sirius, the Pleiades and Arcturus.

She is writing this book to help you find your authentic self again. Your Soul is constantly asking to be heard, but we are unable to fully listen as there are all these layers that we have created. As we unravel these, we delve deeper into our own authenticity, into who we are and what our Soul wants to express and experience in this lifetime. Tingles!

The Unbound Press are excited to be working with Yolandi to bring this magical book into the world. Remembering who you are and connecting to your authentic self is at the core of the Unbound Press so we are thrilled Yolandi is writing this book! Find out more about Yolandi and her work at: Website:

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