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Victoria Smisek signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for Falling Awake - A Heroine’s Journey

We are excited to announce that Victoria Smisek has signed a publishing deal with The Unbound Press to release her first book, Falling Awake - A Heroine's Journey

Two years ago, after her two boys had left home, Victoria decided to sell her house and most of her possessions. Her intention was to go travelling and re-discover who she was and what the next phase of her life was going to look like.

As she stepped into the unknown, trusting what would unfold, one thing she did know was that she had an urge to write a book. After attending a couple of writing retreats, the book emerged into a memoir of some of her life experiences, what she’s learnt along the way… and what she is still learning along the way!

Victoria began writing for herself, as a cathartic process to release and heal some of what she had suppressed for so long. But she also knew that these issues were likely to ring bells with others. In sharing her story she trusts that it will find its’ way to those who will benefit from it. As we do at The Unbound Press, Victoria believes that when we write to heal and then share that writing, others can heal too.

Falling Awake - A Heroine’s Journey is a memoir about how we continue to re-create early experiences throughout our lives, until we can wake up enough to realise and set ourselves free. The story is told in three parts; revisiting Victoria’s early life and the events that shaped her, recalling how she then repeated the patterns that had been set, then finally integrating her learning from 20 years as a psychotherapist to set about healing the past and attempting to move forward in a new way. The result is a raw and honest, often funny, often sad, tale of introspection, growth through tremendous loss and an interwoven love story.

This book is for anyone who is curious about the patterns we repeat and how we are conditioned by our early experiences. It is also for anyone who may be feeling stuck and who is looking for some inspiration.

The Unbound Press are delighted to be working with Victoria to bring Falling Awake - A Heroine’s Journey into the world. As soon as we connected, we realised that her commitment to being fully expressed and encouraging others to do the same was completely aligned with our mission. We literally couldn’t put the manuscript down as Victoria led us through the twists and turns of her journey. This is a book where so many of us will see parts of ourselves and our experiences reflected back to us in the most magical way.

Falling Awake - A Heroine’s Journey will be released in Spring 2021.

Find out more about Victoria and follow her work at:

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