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Victoria Margaux Nielsen signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are SO happy and delighted to announce that Victoria Margaux Nielsen has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, Find Your Way Home: Moving Through Miscarriage (Poems and Practices to Reclaim Your Light After Loss).

Victoria is a trained Akashic Records Reader, certified inner voice & breathwork facilitator, and mama of two boys. Accessing Akashic perspective has been profoundly healing for both Victoria and her clients, and she helps women all over the world learn how to access their own Records for daily guidance.

Of the inspiration and purpose behind Find Your Way Home, Victoria says:

‘Find Your Way Home takes you through my journey of choosing joy, connecting with my intuition, and honoring my inner child after miscarriage, so you can learn to do the same. This book of inspiring words, energy, and embodiment practices comes from my heart to help you navigate whatever part of the motherhood journey you're currently on. Allowing you to realize you are your own medicine and healer, and that you are so much more than the things that have happened to you. You can move through and come out the other side better than you ever thought possible. You can find the light again.’

The Unbound Press is deeply honoured to hold space for the birth of Victoria’s unique, empowering and illuminating book. We know that the gentle but powerful guidance contained within it will touch the hearts and souls of many as her words ripple out to those who need to read them most.

Find Your Way Home is now available for pre-order in the UK here and in the US here, or anywhere you can order books online.

You can find out more about Victoria and her work using the details below:

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