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UNBOUND Book Club #1

Hello you magical being,

Welcome to the first month of the Unbound Book Club - I’m SO excited that we get to do this together!

Ever since I started The Unbound Press back in November 2018, I’ve known that community that runs through its DNA. We’re not just a random selection of individual authors and readers - each book is part of a bigger whole; a movement to share our stories and bring through the new ways that are so very needed in the world. And you’re an important part of this (so thank you for being here). The Unbound Book Club gives us a way to gather together around our love of books, to grab a cup of something delicious, curl up under a blanket and journey through the pages of that month’s selection.

We’re fortunate that each of The Unbound Press books has its own unique flavour - they all hold the essence of transformation, but each author has her own way of activating that within us.

Here’s what you can expect from the Unbound Book Club: Each new moon we’ll be introducing you to the book of the month. The invitation is that we then read it together over the lunar cycle. The author will share some prompts for us to dive deeper into the magic of the book - you’ll find these in your New Moon email and also by following us on social media @theunboundpress on Instagram and The Unbound Press on Facebook. Towards the end of each month, I’ll be hosting a live interview with the author where you’ll have the chance to ask questions and share your insights. We would love you to share your experience and insights from reading the book on social media throughout the month using the hashtag #unboundbookclub ( Remember to tag us in your post or story, so we get to see it!) How does that sound? Well, let’s get going! Without further ado, I’m delighted to let you know that the very first book we get to read together is Brilliance Unboxed by Jo Gifford. You’re going to LOVE it! Let me hand you over to Jo, who will tell you some more about what to expect. Enjoy, unbound one! Nicola x


Hey, lovely UNBOUND one! Jo here. I am SO excited for our very first book club! I recorded you a short audio note below with what you can expect, and what we will be doing.

‘Brilliance Unboxed' is an exploration of the essence of brilliance through our assumptions, experiences and ownership of it. The book seeks to unbox the magic that we all have within us and is an invitation to truly connect with our brilliance through unabashed reclamation, cell-level, soul-led fist pumps, and a side order of air guitar". Follow UNBOUND Press on Instagram here and Facebook here. Follow Jo on Instagram here and Facebook here. Use the hashtag #unboundbookclub on social media to follow the discussions. Date for book club live discussion: 8th October 2020, 2pm GMT/ 9am EST on The UNBOUND Press Facebook page. I can't wait to unbox your brilliance with you!

New Author sign ups: We are so delighted to welcome new authors into the UNBOUND Press family! Below are some of our most recent signings, linked to the blog posts where you can read more about the authors and the books they are bringing through with The UNBOUND Press. Nathalie Farrell signs deal for Light the Way. Julie Budge signs deal for My Sisters’ House - Women at the Centre Natalie Windle signs deal for Rude Awakening: A Mixtape

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