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Unbound Archives Episode 93: How to Create Community Around Your Writing

In the next edition of our Unbound Archives summer series, Nicola reshares a solo episode – ironic, given it focuses on creating community around your writing. Rather than waiting until your book is released into the world, why not invite people to go on the journey with you?

In this Episode:

  • The concept of community

  • Your book can activate a sense of community

  • Feeling into the quality of connection (not the quantity)

  • Broadening your perspective of what community is

  • Connecting for the joy of it

  • The intention you hold for the community you want to create

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook.

We’d love you to share this episode with your friends, community, and anyone you think would enjoy it.

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