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Tonia Gaudiuso signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for The New Commodities

Tonia Gaudiuso helps people turn money problems into a framework for a life well lived. She believes we are all born unique; each with our own special gift and ever since she was a little girl she knew that her superpower was money management and organization. Her work is about empowering people around money and connecting them to their joy. She wants to illuminate the illusion of money and flip our relationship it on its head, bringing in play and joyfulness.

Tonia attended our first ever Unbound Writing Workshop in London in September 2019. During the meditation at the workshop she received a message: "The time is now" and "Teach your money work". Fortunately for us, she listened and this is what she’s doing with her first book! In The New Commodities, Tonia helps us to remove the illusion of money and the power it holds, bringing us back to the true source of its power, us.

This book is for anyone who’s fed up with the old money system; for anyone who’s looking to go on an adventure of play, discovery, vulnerability, transformation and awakening. It’s for people who desire a new money paradigm and a new way to move forward with their money; for people who are willing to create a new money perspective that connects to money through love and gratitude.

Tonia introduces us to a way of appreciating the new commodities of this world; Love, Connection, Time, Health, Nature, Joy, and Play and give us the practical and intuitive tools to achieve that.

The Unbound Press are SO excited to be working with Tonia who is also a member of the Unbound Writing Mastermind. As we navigate these unprecedented times, the approach she’s laying out in her first book is needed more than ever. The New Commodities will be released later this year. Find out more about Tonia and her work at: Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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