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Tara Jackson publishes her third book with The Unbound Press

We are beyond excited to announce that Tara Jackson has published her third book, Embodied Creation - The sensitive’s way to consciously co-create, with The Unbound Press!

Embodied Creation is for the heart-centred, sensitive, empathic, and creative ones; the ones who feel so much and genuinely care about the whole. It’s for the ones who are here to make a compassionate difference in this world by co-creating with what wants to come through.

It is an activation and invitation to tune into Gaia, her energies, and what is calling to be created on Earth at this time. It invites you to lean into the natural rhythms and cycles of creation as this is where we can truly create a sustainable future. This is where we remember we are not machines, and we need to rest and replenish as well as take action, where we give back as well as receive, and where we honour endings as much as beginnings.

​​The book guides you to connect with the soul, essence and life-force of your creations, and supports you to embody and ground this energy so that you can bring it into the physical, carrying out your part as a co-creator.

It honours the role and power of the feminine alongside the masculine. It asks you to slow down and go within, holding and healing what needs to be released and let go of so that you can truly align with the most potent and powerful creations.

As you begin to deeply create from this place, it asks you to get out of your own way and ask the question, ‘Am I creating from my soul and heart, or my ego?’

Tara is an intuitive business mentor, holistic wellbeing coach, artist and author who supports empathpreneurs with releasing, healing and letting go of all that is stopping them from fully claiming their magic and co-creating the business (and life) of their dreams that considers all and our home.

She has written this book after feeling its whispers wanting to come through. She originally thought it would be a book about manifesting, but as she let the energy guide her she was taken on another journey and had to let go of any pre-conceived ideas of control. It led to her writing this book, a book about co-creating with the energies, which was quite a magical metaphor in itself.

She is also the author of Embodied – A self-care guide for sensitive souls and Embodied Business – A guide to grounding and aligning your business chakras for empathpreneurs, and the Embodied Wisdom oracle card deck, all published with The Unbound Press.

The Unbound Press are so honoured and delighted that Tara has birthed this beautiful, sensitively written book into the world through working with us, and we can feel it deeply in our waters how needed the book’s wisdom is for the world at this time.

Embodied Creation is available now here, or anywhere you buy your books online.

You can find out more about Tara and her work using the details below:

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16 may 2022

Wow, congratulations Tara, your book sounds wonderful, I love the cover💜

Me gusta
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