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Siobhan Gannon signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are over the moon to announce that Siobhan Gannon has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her first book!

Of her journey so far, Siobhan shares:

‘I’m Siobhan Gannon. My business is Embodied Soulful Living and I’ve worked in the holistic health field for about 15 years. I’ve been a solo mom to Fon-ting, Benjamin and Maia for more than a decade and now that they’re all living away at university, ‘living their best lives,’ I feel it’s the perfect time to birth my first book!

I’m an intuitive healer, soul guide, somatic sex, love, embodiment and relationship coach. I teach women how to deepen their feminine intuition with clarity and confidence so they can love themselves and their bodies.

I facilitate and activate a space for women to awaken to more of their true selves by empowering them to connect their soul purpose to their cycles, sensuality and sexuality. I teach why it’s essential and not a luxury to make pleasure a priority! How simple yet profound embodiment tools, techniques and self-pleasure practices can support women in regulating their own nervous systems to feel less stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, procrastination and fear, so that they can feel safe, nurtured, confident, alive, expansive, juicy and inspired in their bodies, in their purpose, relationships and in their lives!

I help them to see how learning to put themselves first and recognise their own courage and confidence will instigate hope and change not just for themselves but for future generations as well as they learn to trust the incredible intuitive wisdom that is their female bodies again.’

Of the inspiration and purpose behind her book, Siobhan says:

‘This book is for women who know or wish to know/own their own truth. When we meet and acknowledge ourselves at this deep, intimate level of acceptance in our self-discovery journey, we meet and acknowledge all women. I’m passionate about awakening women to recognise their own courage, strength and confidence and cultivate this at an embodied level. I believe sexual liberation and cultivating intuitive body wisdom and confidence is key to creating lasting change and empowerment and is often overlooked when we journey spiritually. Sensual and sexual re-awakening and reclaiming and exploring pleasure as a priority has been deeply transformational for me and my journey back home to myself. The effects have positively rippled through all areas of my life.

This book is for women who know deep down that self belief and empowerment, when honoured and shared, can provide change and hope not just for themselves but also for future generations. I'm redressing the balance for all women who have felt isolated, like the "black sheep" - change is not only possible, but inevitable!’

The Unbound Press is very excited to be a part of the birth of Siobhan’s powerful and liberating book and we know it will prove SO transformational to its readers!

You can find out more about Siobhan and her journey at:

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