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Sarah Wheeler signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are so thrilled to announce that Sarah Wheeler has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her previously self-published work, Shadow and Rose: A Soulful Guide for Women Recovering from Sexual Violence. Sarah is also in the process of writing her second book, Enough! Recovering From Patriarchy’s Curse of Too Much & Not Enough, which will be published with The Unbound Press later this year.

Sarah is a yoga teacher, Reiki teacher and survivor of rape and sexual violence. Of Shadow and Rose, she says:

“When I began my recovery journey back in 2016, I needed a book like Shadow and Rose to put its invisible arm around me, give me a knowing smile and tell me things were going to be OK, that things would not feel like a shit show forever. I needed permission from myself to myself to take things super slow, discover some self-care, establish some boundaries and take a rest whenever I needed on the recovery path. I wrote Shadow and Rose when I felt able to reflect on my own ongoing recovery and share my voice, in the hope that I can offer some guidance and comfort to other women wherever they are on the recovery path.”

Shadow and Rose is a companion for women recovering from sex crimes, where Sarah shares her own recovery journey in a 10-week programme designed to catalyse and empower your ongoing recovery. Shadow and Rose may be used alongside therapy, or as the bridge between reporting and seeking therapeutic help.

Featuring insight from a counselling psychologist specialising in rape recovery, along with guidance from Sarah’s own energy healer, the book explores key facets of recovery including healing from negative self-talk, reclaiming your boundaries, honouring the body, releasing shame, managing trauma and PTSD. Shadow and Rose also offers an online 10-week deep relaxation and Yoga Nidrā programme to encourage readers to choose rest as a vital recovery tool.

The Unbound Press are very excited and honoured to be working with Sarah in publishing this incredibly important, potent and much-needed book to touch the lives of those affected by sexual violence.

You can find out more about Sarah’s work using the details below:

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