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Sarah Lloyd signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are over the moon to announce that Sarah Lloyd is returning to The Unbound Press to publish her latest book, Wake Up Mother!

In the media and PR business for 23 years, Sarah quit her global corporate role in 2017 in a bid to be a master of her own destiny and to bring a better balance to her life after her eldest daughter started school. It was her own experience of becoming a mother that led her to setting up her own PR Consultancy, IndigoSoul PR, along with her Connecting the Dots Membership, so she could support and guide others to share their stories in their own unique way. In turn, it meant she was able to expand upon her magical and spiritual practices and care for her growing family on her own terms.

As Sarah shares about her journey to the point of birthing the idea for this potent and magical collaborative book: “Becoming a mother is what cracked me open, woke me up and made me see the world with new eyes. Even now, I am navigating life with one foot in the old world and another foot in the new - the bridge between the conscious and unconscious; the rise of the divine feminine and the balancing of the masculine; the birthing of the age of Aquarius and stepping into the flow.

I (and many others) have discovered a newfound respect in the alchemy of becoming a mother - not just to children, but also as a business owner, a birther of ideas, a space holder and a nurturer.

What I have realised is that the term “mother” has many different perceptions, connotations and weights attached to it, and the love she so deeply deserves is often lacking. Looking through a wider lens, it has not escaped me that Mother Gaia holds our space quietly through all her cycles, and in spite of the abuse she has endured.

I see this collaboration as an exploration of what being a mother means to me and to others. It’s an invitation for those who have been cracked open through birth/rebirth/death(!) to share their stories of their shifts and lessons they are still learning – the peeling of the proverbial onion or the diving into the cosmic womb of All That Is.

Wake Up Mother! is not limited to just one person’s perspective. I envisage this project being multi-faceted; a space held and a book to explore, share and learn from each other’s stories of what The Mother means to them. If you feel the call to join this magical container and contribute in some way, please reach out to me!”

The Unbound Press are so excited to be working with Sarah again (her first book, Connecting the Dots, was published in February 2020) to bring this collaboration into the world. In whichever capacity you see yourself as a mother, Wake Up Mother! is set to be an important and transformational book that creates ripples and shifts across the wider perceptions of what it means to be a mother in its multi-faceted form.

You can find out more about Sarah’s work and contact her if you’d like to be involved with Wake Up Mother! by using the details here:

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