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Sarah Impey signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are SO happy and delighted to announce that Sarah Impey has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, Beyond Words.

Beyond Words is set to be something quite special and unique because it will contain lots of stunning imagery and fewer words - something which is giving the team here at The Unbound Press tingles and all the magical feels!

As a child, Sarah was always extremely sensitive and as an adult, she has grown to embrace her clairsentience and her ability to sense and feel beyond her five senses; tapping into her ability to discern truth and feel intuitively through her body whilst celebrating and embracing who she truly is. She shares her inspiration for creating the book in her own words here:

“It was last year at the beginning of lockdown that my fascination with the light and the water began and I would spend ages just noticing the diamonds and rainbow light reflecting off the sea. Then I started to see with my eyes beams of light, like waterfalls of light showering down from the sky. I remember asking my partner Steve if he could see it too and wondering if I was going mad!

This has been a common theme throughout my life, denying to myself and others what I could feel or ‘see’ as a way to be considered ‘normal’ as a way of fitting in. And I would rather have judged myself as going mad instead of trusting what I could see and being okay to be different. I did it for so long that I blocked all of my gifts, denying who I truly am - and soon my physical body would show me these blocks manifested through illness. I had become an expert at silencing my own voice and hiding my true feelings as a way of people-pleasing in order to fit in and so that others would feel okay. Slowly the masks and cracks began to appear…I no longer had my own voice.

This is very common for so many of us as a way of keeping ourselves safe in a sometimes harsh, judgemental world, when anything about us feels out of the ordinary - maybe ‘weird’ or ‘not normal’ to someone else - and instead of celebrating who we are for those unique gifts and qualities, we judge them. To be accepted by others, we block and shut things down at the expense of ourselves.

For so many years I had ‘rejected’ my ability to see, sense and feel above the norm so as not to be judged as mad or weird so that I would be liked and that just kept me stuck, but it’s the acceptance of who we truly are that sets us free. And so it was from this day last year when I accepted what I could see with my own eyes on the water that the camera lens then started to capture it too. There is so much for us all to witness in this world way beyond this 3D reality, but by denying this we just limit and block ourselves from the truth of who we really are.”

The Unbound Press are absolutely thrilled to be working with Sarah to bring this exquisite book into the world, because it completely aligns with our passion for women claiming their innate intuitive gifts and shining their light to be captured - just like the images captured by Sarah herself.

You can find out more about Sarah’s work here:

on Facebook at: Time To Shine Youniquely You

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