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Sarah E Marshall signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for The Empath's Guide to the Universe

We are delighted to announce that Sarah E Marshall has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, The Empath's Guide to the Universe.

Sarah is an empath, starseed, reiki master and goddess who has risen through the ashes of extreme sensitivity, sadness, darkness, despair, and anxiety. She’s a taurus sun, cancer moon, and leo rising - a being who is steadfast, feels very deeply, and was born to lead. Oh yes! It was nearly four years ago when Sarah’s spiritual awakening began in a reiki session and she discovered she was not only an empath, but a starseed and a healer. She’s been following the breadcrumbs on her healing journey inward ever since, which led her to write this book. Learning that in Human Design, she’s a projector and meant to be a guide for others on their soul journey and transformation, is what activated Sarah to complete The Empath's Guide to the Universe. She began writing it over two years ago and took a hiatus until December 2019, when she was working on her starseed course and followed an intuitive nudge to return to her writing.

The Empath's Guide to the Universe is meant to serve as an introduction to what an empath is, speaks about the various types of empaths and the gifts they possess. Being an empath can feel very heavy and more like a curse when one is unaware and not yet empowered. Having the tools to protect and empower yourself is crucial on this journey and Sarah shares various tools in this book. She speaks to how astrology can be a helpful tool on your journey of self discovery and how it serves as a blueprint for your life. 2020 has been incredibly challenging for many of us, empaths especially due to our sensitive nature, and Sarah discusses how we are all SO needed to raise the vibration of the planet at this time. Bring it on!

The Unbound Press are excited to be working with Sarah to bring The Empath's Guide to the Universe into the world. Many in the unbound community identify as empaths and anything that can give us the tools and guidance to move through these transformational and often chaotic times is very much appreciated! Find out more about Sarah and her work at: Website: Instagram: Facebook:

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