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Rimi Chakraborty & Samantha Anderson sign publishing deal with The Unbound Press

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Rimi Chakraborty and Samantha Anderson have signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish their first co-written book, Rise Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience.

With a shared love of nature, a belief in the strength of conscious leadership, and a commitment to a life of sustainability, health and wellness, Rimi and Samantha have come together in search of their authentic selves, connected by the love for the earth that they respect and revere. Together, and in the words of Sharon Blackie, "we rise up, rooted like trees... (to) save not only ourselves, but the world."

The story behind Rise Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience is a raw yet magical one:

It was late summer of 2019 when Samantha first set foot upon the Azores. A guest at Rimi’s family run Lodge, the two bonded over their shared values for health and well-being and set off on planning a retreat together for the Spring of 2020. With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and endless retreat reschedules, Samantha and Rimi found solace in bridging their worlds between New York City and the Azores, deeply sharing and reflecting, leaning into being honest with themselves and with each other about what they were experiencing.

“I’m tired of being told to be resilient!” said Samantha. “Resilience is simply not enough! We shouldn’t have to push the boulder up the mountain anymore.” As business owners, leaders, and coaches, Rimi and Samantha were often holding space for many others, and with the pressure to hold it all together, they could unravel in these calls, share what was raw and real, and what was working and what was not. It was in these weekly calls the revolutionary framework for ROOTsilience was born, and so began their journey to empower women to Rise Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience.

About the Book

Of the book itself, Rimi and Samantha share:

‘Our bodies show us when we’ve been stretched beyond our limits and knocked out of balance. But what can we do about it and how can we recognize those first signs? Rise Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience offers women leaders a revolutionary framework for health and well-being, connecting our bodies’ language with our emotions and behaviors.

The landscape of health and well-being can be overwhelming, and we are deluged with books, articles and fads on what to eat or not eat, what special breathing technique can get us on a rocket ship to “nirvana” or what hot new product we need to reach everlasting happiness.

Turns out there’s another way to rise in leadership; one that doesn’t put “success,” “happiness” and “health” in separate buckets and forces us to choose one at the expense of the others.

Rise Beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience is inspired by ancient teachings and modern science and combines three key branches: conscious leadership, healing foods, and mind-body integration. We learn to recognize our body’s unique language of balance and ease, and the interconnectedness of our behavioral, physical and mental well being. We learn to stay rooted, grounded and centered, rather than getting pulled away with whatever is stretching us beyond your limits.’

The Unbound Press is pleased to publish a book that brings together an honest and vulnerable account of leadership lessons from the authors’ life experiences along with practical leadership exercises, healing foods and go-to practices for movement and meditation. This is a guide you’ll treasure for life, and a book you’ll want to gift to all the smart and talented women in your life!

About Rimi Chakraborty:

With an MBA from MIT Sloan and nearly 25 years of experience and certifications in yoga and meditation, Rimi has successfully translated the ancient teachings of her Indian roots to the corporate world, to align company mission with purpose. Her passion to lead mindfully stems from leaving a prestigious management consultant gig in Boston to owning and operating a retreat center in the Azores, Portugal. In addition to teaching chakra-based yoga and meditation, Rimi consults with Fortune 500 companies, does 1:1 leadership coaching with execs and runs retreats and workshops throughout the year, guiding our best and brightest to true health, real success, and everlasting happiness.

You can read more about Rimi and her journey at:

About Samantha Anderson:

Samantha Anderson is a strategic visionary with decades of experience working with organizations to support the fields of philanthropy, impact investing, social entrepreneurship, and innovation. She is committed to building a more vibrant, meaningful, inclusive, interconnected, creative, and compassionate world. Her mission is to create a better future for women and the organizations they lead by facilitating their growth and power. She has served in leadership positions at the Yale School of Management, Skoll World Forum, Arabella Advisors, the Jewish Funders Network, Jewish Women INVEST, as well as heading up her philanthropic advisory firm, Honeycomb-Strategy. She is also a Board Certified Functional Medicine Health and Wellness coach providing practical tools to help women cultivate purpose and vision while connecting to their whole selves and to that which restores balance.

You can read more about Samantha and her journey at:

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