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Podcast Episode 7: The 4 Layers of Magic That Get Activated When You Complete Your Book

In this episode, Nicola talks about some specific magic and experiences that happen when you finish your book.  In this episode:

  • How holding your book in your hands is an act of completion and personal achievement and trust.

  • The shift that happens in your body when you finish an UNBOUND book at the end of a creative cycle.

  • How completion and finality is so rare in our online, constantly evolving world.

  • How finishing your book clears the way for new things to arrive  and opens up space for whatever is next.

  • How you get to access a new layer of yourself from the process of writing a book the UNBOUND way.

  • The sense of loss that can happen when you experience finishing a book, and the grief that we can experience at the end of a creative project.

  • Completing the book is saying goodbye to the version of you that wrote the book.

  • Your relationship with your book changes when it goes out into the world.

  • How the process of birthing your book can be uncomfortable but a powerful experience.

  • The alchemical, liminal space of birthing your book.

  • How we are called to let go of attachment when we release our books into the world.

  • The spiritual lesson of letting fo that our books teach us.

  • How the relationship with your book changes and evolves as it goes out into the world.

Links mentioned:

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts: Sheila Hay, and her ecstatic birth class: UNBOUND Writing Mastermind Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

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