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Podcast Episode 5: 3 Reasons You Don't Have To Be An Expert To Write a Book

Many of us feel held back from writing a book because there is a feeling that we need to be "the" expert, or that we don't know enough. In this episode, Nicola breaks down three reasons why you don't have to be an expert to write a book, and why it's actually more transformative for your reader if you take them on a journey with you.

  1. You can be a contributor rather than an expert: Come from a place of contribution rather than a place of knowing everything on a subject. When we come from a place of being in service, there is something freeing in that.

  2. You can write a book that activates rather than simply provides information There are three types of books: - Expert books that provide information - Books that provide inspiration - Books that provide a sense of activation Books that activate encourage the readers to take action; something changes within them. You are activated and transformed as you write it, and your readers experience a sense of activation as they read it. It’s not about the information you are proving in your book, it’s about the experience you go through as you write it, and the experience your readers have as they read it.

  3. It’s powerful when you focus on the journey When you share your journey as you experience it, the question of being an expert doesn’t come into it. The fact you are being called to write a book is no accident. Even if you are a beginner in a subject, there is something so authentic about taking the readers on a journey with you as you learn. You invite your readers to come with you. Trust your own perspective. Be 100% who you are and write from that place.

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