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Podcast Episode 3: Six Ways to Get Started Writing Your Book

In this Episode, Nicola takes us through 6 ways to get started writing a book, the UNBOUND Way.

1. Gain clarity through writing

You don't have to have a detailed plan for your book, and you don't need to map it all out when you begin writing the UNBOUND way.

We can gain clarity through writing, the act of writing allows the words to start to come.

Letting go of a big plan leaves space for magic, and leaves space for a transformational, magical process of letting the book to unfold.

2. Ask what needs to come through

Asking "What needs to come through" is a really powerful question.

Putting yourself in a place of trust means you create space to notice and to observe breadcrumbs in your life of people, situations and events that need to be part of the transformational process.

3. Know that you are not alone when writing

This is a collaborative process between you and the essence of the book that wants to come through you at this time.

Ask your book what it wants to share, and allow that entity to come through and show you what it needs to express.

4. Think about the journey you want to take your reader on

Have a sense of the journey, even if it's not super clear.  Think about the challenge the reader might experience when they come to you, and the journey you can take them on as they come to your book.

Think about how you want to hold space for them and to take them through the process.

5. Use storytelling where you can

Readers connect with you, and your stories - from your childhood, from your experience, from your clients- provide a way for them to connect on a deeper level.

6. Allow yourself to write in a way that is non-linear

You don't need to write in any order. We are cyclical beings, the creative process is cyclical; by giving yourself permission to write in a non-linear way, when you show up for your writing you can write what shows up for you that day, and trust it's what needs to come through.

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