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Patricia Levy signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Patricia Levy has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, The Golden Mirror.

Of her journey so far, Patricia shares:

‘Hi, my name is Patricia Levy and I am a mother, healer, and author of a forthcoming book on sensuality. All my life I knew I was here for a purpose, and yet, life always led me in the direction I did not necessarily think was...purposeful. Comically, this is our soul guiding us to our highest and most trusting selves, and sometimes, we really have no idea what it is that we need. With that said, as I bring this book to life and write it as my everyday embodiment of mother and healer, I know with beautiful purpose, this is exactly where I need to be.’ 

Of the inspiration and purpose behind her book, Patricia says:

‘This is a sensually-empowered book to inspire and motivate parents to utilize and incorporate their sensuality into their everyday lives. What does sensuality mean for me? To be open and co-create your life with the guidance of your senses. When we are sensually-empowered beings, we are more present with ourselves and our children, more connected and trusting in the flow of life and more willing to open to the wills of the Divine. This book will support and nurture a joyful and abundant life for many and their legacies to come.’

The Unbound Press is honoured to be a part of the delicious, sensual magic that Patricia’s book will weave in the world and we can’t wait for it to be shared far and wide!

You can find out more about Patricia and her work by using the details below:

Instagram: @patsflow

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