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Our UNBOUND 1 Year Anniversary: The New Normal

April 25th 2020 marks the anniversary of the very first UNBOUND Press book being born into the world.

We are so delighted to have come so far in the journey of the UNBOUND press, our author community, and the books that are out there working their magic in the world, each in their own wonderful way.

Right now, as we are navigating and living through this incredible time of expansion and global change, these UNBOUND books are finding their way into the hands of people who need them to change their lives.

Jennifer Booker’s book, 'The New Normal: Coming Out as Transgender in Midlife' is now one year old.

Published on 25th April 2019, ‘The New Normal’ is Jennifer’s story of her transition from male to female.

Jennifer’s story takes us through the moment of her gender realisation through body work to how she navigated the incredibly difficult and traumatic path to gender confirmation surgery.

She takes us behind the scenes of the breakdown of her marriage, the support of friends and family, and the incredible path to becoming unbound.

It’s a story of resilience, of self acceptance, self discovery and a truly unbound rebirth, shared in the most wonderful, personal way.

As readers, Jennifer invites us to reflect on our own perceptions, experience and beliefs throughout the book, which creates a powerful container for UNBOUND self inquiry and discovery - precisely the kind of book that we envisioned publishing here at the UNBOUND press.

Jennifer shared her book writing process with us in the Magical Portal Project recently, describing how she was already practicing authentic self-expression through writing before, during, and after her journey, which took place at lightning speed from 2013 to 2015.

This meant her journey and all the many steps were already captured as material to share about in her book as it began to take shape.

Nicola and Jennifer met at one of Mama Gena’s Mastery events in New York. Nicola had just announced the Unbound Press, and the timing was perfect (as many UNBOUND things are!) for The New Normal to find it’s home for being published.

So, has the book changed Jennifer’s life, over the last year? She says, “As a result of writing my book, people view me a bit differently. I seem to have additional credibility now that I’m an Author. I get occasional praise from people who have read my book and thank me for writing it. My work has only reached a couple hundred people already, but word is spreading. Whether it reaches a hundred people or a million, I’ve given my gift to the world. And that feels wonderful!”

As we celebrate The New Normal here at the UNBOUND Press, we also celebrate the new normals we are all creating in our own ways right now.

For us, since we published this first book, six more authors have shared their stories with the world (and a new wave are coming through right now!). The UNBOUND vision is growing with us, and we are so excited to witness how the books we bring to life are changing the lives of both the authors and their readers. Reading and writing in UNBOUND ways is a truly life changing experience.

For many of us, life is becoming more UNBOUND as the world changes dramatically. And what we know for sure is that your unique magic is needed more than ever.

If you are called to share your story, book a complimentary call with Nicola here.


Dr. Jennifer Booker has been a systems engineer, computing professor, and is now studying nursing. She lives in Philadelphia and hopes those tree-hugging liberals take back control of the country soon. Her book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. See for luscious details.

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