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Natalie Farrell signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for Light The Way

We are delighted to announce that Natalie Farrell has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, Light The Way.

Natalie is an Intuitive Guide and Soulpreneur. Her mission is to inspire women at the brink of life-changing decisions to trust their instinct, delve deep for the truth, awaken their wise woman and reveal their true potential. Her work is to encourage women in a soft yet powerful way to remember who they were born to be, so they can uncover their soul-defining moment and let their soul fuel the way. Hell yes to that!

As a Cosmic Soul and having just turned 40, Natalie shares that she now feels ready to be seen for who she truly is - an ancient intelligence which has been upon this planet many times before and here in this time of energetic evolution to guide the ones who want to rise away from suffering and wake up to a lighter way of living.

Light The Way will be a light-hearted book with a passionate message at its core.

This is a guide to soul-fuelled living with stories and insights on how to unlock the intuitive mastery within and connect to our true self. The reader will be taken on an adventure to awaken their soul’s desires and turn their dreams into moments to remember.

This book is for women looking to reconnect with their self-worth; women at the brink of a significant life change who are feeling depleted from life not giving them their dreams.

In Light The Way Natalie will lead her readers, gently and supportively, to find different ways to love themselves. In this new energy, they will feel sparkly, strong and totally centred; ready to let their soul fuel the way for a new life with infinite creativity and love. The intention is that each reader will feel like Natalie is holding their hand the whole way through and this is the Unbound Magic ready to be unleashed. Delicious!

The Unbound Press are beyond excited to be working with Natalie to birth Light The Way into the world. We recognised her as a soul sister as soon as we connected and are thrilled to welcome her sparkly and playful energy into our family of authors.

Find out more about Natalie at:

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