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Meet the Author: Tara Jackson

Being part of a family here at The UNBOUND press is something that really comes through when we speak to authors and they share their experience of being part of this community.

In this "meet the author" blog, we are delighted to introduce you to the glorious, magical, Tara Jackson.

Tara is a a holistic health and wellness coach and colour therapist for highly sensitive people and empaths. She is also the author of "Embodied" published with The UNBOUND Press in July 2019, and the forthcoming "Embodied Business", due for publication in November 2020, also with The UNBOUND Press. Tara's journey to wellness and self care is the core of her story in Embodied, which goes beyond the usual tropes of self care trends to explore what embodied self care and connection really means to us as individuals.

Her exploration of health, healing, and connection to self from a place that many of us recognise - poor eating habits, stressful, disconnected lifestyle and addictive behaviours - began when a family member fell very ill. Tara's wake up call to look after herself led to a series of personal odysseys to discover a personal toolkit and embodied way of living and thriving.

Her journey to embodied wellness was rich, unbound, and certainly not linear - and is an powerful activation and transformational piece of work that invites us all to really connect with ourselves and embody who we are - whatever that means for each of us, for each moment in time.

Writing Embodied really helped activate for Tara a greater sense of clarity around who she works with, primarily HSP and empaths, and paved the way for her second book, Embodied Business.

Tara is running a community project this month, called My Sensitivity Is My Strength, a curated project in which other HSP and empath entrepreneurs share why their sensitivity has been one of their greatest strengths. To connect with Tara and discover more about her work, find Tara on her website, on Instagram here, and the Empathpreneurs work and community project here. (Watch the interview for the Magical Portal project with Nicola and Tara below)

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