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Meet the Author: Helen Rebello

Helen Rebello is a soul mentor to midlife women who want to do the next decade differently, so that they fulfil their dreams and honour their potential.

As one of the latest authors to join the UNBOUND Press her book, The Midlife Awakening, is set to be released later this year.

Helen's call to write The Midlife Awakening came to her while writing her first book, The Magical Unfolding. Both books arrived after a time of knowing she wanted to write a book - but ignoring and pushing that call away. When she began to honour the call and make space for her writing, the ideas turned up, as Helen describes it, "as though I turned on a faucet tap of stored up ideas".

As Helen began downloading ideas for her first book, ideas also showed up for The Midlife Awakening. The UNBOUND writing process is different for every author, but for Helen, she captured some ideas for this second book, and let them percolate, trusting they would be there when she needed them.

The Magical Unfolding was published by crowdfunding; during the launch party for her VIP Crowd funders, Helen shared the idea for The Midlife Awakening.

Helen experienced a huge awakening moment in the jungle in Sri Lanka at the age of 42.

That awakening was a turning point which shaped the trajectory of her life since then, including a marriage separation.

In The Midlife Awakening, I really want to tell my story, but I want to offer lots of tools for self-inquiry around how we can completely reframe the term "midlife crisis" and look at the opportunities it gives us, which are mostly about time and the fact that we're not going to be here forever. It's an incredible opportunity to really awaken to the true aspects of ourselves and to our true gifts and to our true expression, and to who we want to be in a world that would have us suppress ourselves, and dumb ourselves down and fit in.

Helen's writing process was unbound to begin with, and that's what drew her to working with The UNBOUND Press to bring her second book to life. She has journals filled with morning pages, which is where a lot of her work and her books begin.

Helen says she knows when pages are for the book, and turns down the pages so she can come back to them later in the process. Helen felt really drawn to work with The UNBOUND Press, as she felt an affinity with the existing community of authors, the UNBOUND writing process, and with Nicola herself. In her own words: "I love Nicola. I love the women she's working with - every single author. She is someone I feel very aligned with, and I love what she stands for in the world.".

The Midlife Awakening is for women who feel, unexpressed, unseen and unheard, and who've heard the call in midlife. Connect with Helen on her podcast, The Turning Point Project, on Instagram, and on her website,

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