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Marianna Saltonstall Pease signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are thrilled to announce that Marianna Saltonstall Pease has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, Pandemic Mom: Meditations on New Motherhood During The Pandemic & During Divorce.

Marianna Saltonstall Pease is a divorced single mom by day and a writer by night. After going through a divorce while navigating the pandemic during new motherhood, she has written a book about her emotional healing in the hope it will give back to others so they might have a guiding light. Additionally, she runs the longtime vintage clothing store,, and writes a blog,, about her journey to emotional healing. She lives in Boston with her daughter.

Pandemic Mom is one-part memoir, one-part healing balm for the divorcing woman or new mama - or any woman who finds herself in a dark night of the soul without a light. Part One covers Marianna's story in short writings, Part Two is everything she learned from going through a traumatic divorce while navigating new motherhood during the Covid-19 lockdown. It is a story of emotional healing and written from the heart to give back to divorcing women so they might not suffer as she did. Marianna's most heartfelt wish is to pay it forward and offer some glimmer of hope.

"What didn't you do to bury me, but you forgot that I was a seed." - Dinos Christianopoulos

Advance Praise for Pandemic Mom:

“Marianna Pease has written a masterpiece. Pandemic Mom, a series of short poems and prose, leads us through the darkest time of Pease’s life: a new baby, a divorce, a pandemic – with grace, humor and a heaping dose of healing. Pease writes from the heart about motherhood, marriage, heartbreak and resolution in a book that will not only help her heal, but will also help other women coping with divorce. It is rare to find a book so beautifully written that is poignant, relatable and full of resources. As a therapist who works with women navigating divorce, I can’t wait to recommend this book to my clients.” - Oona Metz, LICSW

The Unbound Press is very excited to be a part of the birth of Marianna’s honest and liberating book and we know it will prove so illuminating and life-changing for its readers!

You can find out more about Marianna and connect with her using the details below:

Instagram: @heypandemicmom

Twitter: @marianna108

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