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Lorraine Pannetier signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are delighted to announce that Lorraine Pannetier has signed with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, Raising Wild Birds.

Lorraine is an intuitive writer, lightworker and Starseed, here to create a ripple effect of love around the world during this incredible era of change. She has said that she'll 'write a book' for her whole life, and after writing many eBooks relating to her work as a copywriter and previous career in nutrition, health and fitness, she feels ready to write (in her own words) her first 'proper' book! Life, love and lockdown have brought her to a place where she's ready to share parts of her life story, challenges and transformation within the world, so that other people may feel inspired and supported and ready to surrender to life's magical flow.

Raising Wild Birds is Lorraine’s story of personal growth and transformation. With themes of letting go of attachment and living from a place of pure unconditional love, this book brings a unique perspective of life and love, challenges and resilience, alignment and harmony in the modern world as a lightworker and Starseed.

It is for anyone who's always felt like they wanted to do life a little differently to everyone else but didn't really understand why, or those who have recently discovered the terms 'lightworker' or 'Starseed' and are trying to pull more pieces of their puzzle together. It will be an uplifting, inspiring book that will promote deep inner reflection and encourage people to take the next steps to healing, growth and transformation.

The Unbound Press are excited to be working with Lorraine to bring this book into the world as we know that so many people will relate to her journey and it’s so needed as more and more people ‘awaken’ globally.

Find out more about Lorraine and her work at:

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