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Katie Snow signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press for This is for Katie

We are delighted to announce that Katie Snow has signed with The Unbound Press to release her first book, This is for Katie.

Even though Katie Snow obtained a doctorate in science, allowing her to treat thousands of patients within her private practice over the last two decades, and then a master's degree in modern and contemporary art, which provided her access into the global art world from which her published works stemmed, her true education has come

At the beginning of lockdown, Katie started a Facebook page to share her musings on the world of dating. Her words struck a chord and within weeks the page had attracted over 10k followers. It seems that when it comes to love, many of us have been a Katie. This is for Katie is a guide to dating for women of all ages, but particularly those in their twenties and thirties. The wisdom shared in the book grew organically from Katie’s interactions with women, the advice she would give them, and their insistence that she write a book to help a younger generation of women find true love and, above all, a love for themselves.

The Unbound Press are excited to be working with Katie to bring this book into the world. It’s direct, often hilarious and offers a super-potent dose of truth that is much needed in these shapeshifting times.

This is for Katie is released on August 26 2021 and is now available for pre-order.

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