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Jo Gifford signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are thrilled to announce that Jo Gifford is returning to The Unbound Press to publish her latest book, Wild Currents.

Wild Currents is Jo’s story of how wild swimming saved her from heartbreak, grief, and chronic pain.

All around the world, hundreds of thousand people are finding swimming for many kinds of reasons – dealing with mental health, stress, depression, life changes – or just the times we live in. It’s no wonder wild swimming and cold water swimming exploded in 2020; what we have all been processing is just beyond all comprehension.

As Jo shares, ‘The world of wild swimming is where souls are restored, heavy hearts and healed, and the deep immersion in nature is resource-ing a new age of seekers.’

The explosion of wild swimming during the pandemic is testament to the power of taking the plunge, how nature is plugging us back into source, and how the need to immerse in nature is a powerful tool for change.

This book seeks to explore the stories and the humans behind the swims, how the movement of wild swimming has flooded our awareness, and to discover the many reasons why we need our wildness and the magic that happens in the water more now than ever before.

Jo is an author, podcaster, writer, project manager, creative thinker, wild swimmer, and prolific human connector. Her soul passion and purpose is to create connections and conversations with unboxed leaders that use their brilliance to create change. Jo’s work at its core is about human connection and as she shares ‘when we connect, create and grow, momentum and magic take their seat’, which we are fully in alignment with.

The Unbound Press are beyond delighted to be holding space for Jo as an author again, (in addition to being a valued member of our team, her second book, Brilliance Unboxed was released with The Unbound Press in March 2020). Wild Currents is a gift reminding us to return to our natural, wild state, as it is there where we will find solace and comfort and ultimately come home.

Find out more about Jo and her work at:

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