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How to Write with Sensuality (and what that means for your work)

Writing with sensuality is something we have explored through various lenses and conversations on The Unbound Writers Club podcast. But, what is writing with sensuality, and what does it mean for your work?

One of the five principles of living Unbound is to allow pleasure to be your guide, and this is also an important part of the Unbound writing process. It's one of the five layers that we bring into the Unbound writing process, so that you can access the truest essence of what you want to share. In this way, rather than writing through struggle and pain, we access your truest essence through pleasure. It's like a secret super-power that many of us have forgotten that we have.

We've been conditioned to believe that you have to create in a way that does feel arduous and hard, and it has to be a struggle.

That when you come to write a book, you have to suck it up and push through, and chain yourself to your desk - and if you aren't doing that, then you're not a proper writer in some way. There is another way - you can create through pleasure.

Connecting with pleasure creates a very different environment to write in. It could be as simple as creating an environment at home that feels perfect for you to write in, with candles, music, and a gorgeous drink that you love to set the scene. Maybe you would love to write in nature, to be out in the elements, feeling the wind or sun or your body, feeling connected to the earth; maybe you love spending time writing longhand in your journal, disconnected from technology while you access your book and bring it through with a freshly ground coffee. Consider the clothes you are wearing to write - does the fabric feel sensual on your skin, do you feel powerful, plugged into sourced and intuitive? Or do you feel rushed, anxious, and rigid?

Working with pleasure means inviting in all your senses - sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell - to invite your unbound self to show up fully for you. and for the book.

Here are some prompts to help you create a sensual writing experiences:

- How do you love your body to feel when you write?

- Where do you need to be, and how do you need to sit for that to be how you feel? - What scents make you feel powerful, sensual, alive?

- How could you capture that in your writing experience?

- What sounds help you to focus, to dream, to feel inspired? - How can you invite in your senses to allow for the best experience for your writing? Play with your senses and sensuality as you write. See what feels good, and notice how it changes your writing. For more inspiration on sensuality in writing, the podcast episodes below explore this theme further:

For more on Unbound Writing, my book walks you through the five steps of the Unbound Writing process.

Nicola x

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