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How to Attract Clients and Create an Income Throughout Your Book Writing Journey.

So you are writing the book you are here to write at this time. But how do you grow your audience and make an income while you write it?

This is a really key aspect of the Unbound writing process; the good news is you don't have to wait until your book is out there in the world to start creating an income and receiving the benefit of it.

You can do this right from the beginning of the process.

I want to give you ideas for a few different ways, so you can pick what feels good for you and leave anything that doesn't. I want the whole experience to be as abundant as possible for you.

1. Take your audience behind the scenes of your book writing process.

I am a big fan of this approach. As soon as you start to write your book, as soon as you've made that commitment, invite your audience to come along on the journey with you. Sharing with them that you're writing a book creates some gorgeous accountability.

Also, when you are involving your audience in the process, you are letting them know how it's going, what you're writing about, and also what any challenges are. Share with them on your blog, on social media, in your newsletter, on your podcast, and it will help your audience grow and to feel a deeper sense of connection with you. You will also find you will have people reaching out to you, and asking how they can work with you or how they can go deeper with you because you're creating this gorgeous connection.

2. Create a group experience as you're writing your book.

As you're writing your book, a great way to build your audience, generate income, and create connection is to create a group experience based on what you are sharing in your book.

Whether it’s a webinar, retreat, mastermind, community project or event, you attract clients, and it becomes a gorgeous two way process. When you're working with people specifically around what you're sharing in your book, you have new ideas that are sparking off for you.

You get inspired, and you're actually being deeply of service to your clients and group members as well.

3. Starting a podcast and sharing your voice

Another great way to create connection and build your audience is to start a podcast that is specifically related to what you're talking about in your book.

This is what I did with the Unbound Writer’s Club podcast, for my book, Unbound Writing.

Through this podcast, I was able to share so much around the subject of writing a transformational book and doing it in an Unbound way. I was also building my audience for the launch of the book at the same time as creating the content that goes in it!

Don't fancy starting your own podcast? You could also be a guest on other people's podcasts, talking about what you are sharing in your book. You can pitch to be a guest on different podcasts where you feel your soul family readers and clients might be listening, and find your audience as you share your voice and your message.

Listen to more ideas for growing your audience and creating an income as you write your book in this podcast episode of The Unbound Writers Club.

What resonated for you from these tips? Did they unlock something for you to explore? Let me know how you explore some of the ideas here, magical one. Nicola x

Nicola Humber, Founder of The Unbound Press

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