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Heather N. Robbins signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are so thrilled to announce that Heather N. Robbins has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her first book, Diary of a Thirty-something Widow.

Of her journey so far, Heather shares:

‘I am a thirty-something mom-of-two whose husband recently passed away after dealing with cancer for nearly a decade. My spiritual awakening really ramped up when I was pregnant with my son and this catalyzed healing myself from Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease and many other chronic and acute ailments. I am a Western-trained Doctor of Physical Therapy whose life path changed due to my husband's and my own health issues and I found myself exploring the unseen realms of energy, which led to me becoming a certified Highspeed Energy Practitioner. I have stayed at home with my kids for the last 8.5 years, always knowing I would be out serving my community in some way, and in many ways since having my children I have - but I have always been guided to expand, learn and grow. Consciously deciding to step into this role as a writer is one of those ways I can feel my Soul calling me to expand and in doing this, more visions of my higher timeline began to come into view; that's how I know I'm on the right track!’

Of the inspiration and purpose behind her book, Heather shares:

‘The idea for this book originally dropped in with ease and I felt full expansion when it came; it lit me up inside with this full body "yes!" that I didn’t want to, and couldn’t even I had wanted to, ignore. I ended up signing my contract with Unbound Press just days before my husband passed.

The idea for this book has since changed because I/it/we had become stagnant. I realized it was because I, myself, have changed; I am not the same person who could have written the original book last Fall. So I said goodbye to that version. This new version will explore every aspect of who I have “unbecome” due to my husband's passing. I believe these are versions that many of us can relate to, which will allow those that read this book to contemplate and potentially unbecome as part of their own journey and potentially do it without undergoing a huge life event like I did. I seek to share the wisdom that has been unlocked during this process while inviting those that read this book to expand into their inner wisdom and open into their own creative possibilities as they contemplate their own journeys. It is in these moments of contemplation where we can both unbecome and become at the exact same time.

With this book, we will demystify the fear of releasing, letting go, surrendering, unlearning, and unbecoming with a new perspective that each time a version of us dies or a part of our current life experience exits (for whatever reason), it is in that same moment the new version of us is born into existence; there is no lag time. So I seek to lead every reader who reads this book into the very depths of their own unbecoming and to show them the immense light found in that exact moment as their new versions of themselves and their lives come into existence. I see there being a ripple effect as the vibration of my story reaches into the hearts of those who consciously decide to journey into their own (un)becoming.’

The Unbound Press is very excited about Heather’s incredible book and we know the ripples Heather mentions will permeate the psyches of the book’s readers on so many levels as they journey with their own unbecoming.

You can find out more about Heather and connect with her using the details below:

Instagram: @wakeupbrave

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