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Evelyn Maud signs publishing deal with The Unbound Press

We are overjoyed to announce that Evelyn Maud has signed a deal with The Unbound Press to publish her upcoming book, Crossed Destinies.

Of the story of Crossed Destinies and its main protagonist, Freya, Evelyn explains:

‘Freya grew up with a precocious mystical bent. From early childhood she has had a ‘knowing’ that huge changes are afoot in the world. At age 12, she has a shattering and deeply disturbing experience of the Great Void, which leaves her feeling a danger to others, a pariah and an outsider in life. Perhaps this might account for her recent choice of partner, a Cuban man with a strong charismatic presence, Bembe, whom she has helped to come over to the UK, but who is proving harder work than she anticipated.

Freya is asked to translate at an Ayahuasca retreat. She develops a strong rapport with the Peruvian Shaman and amongst other things, her experiences with the plant medicine forces her to begin to confront her partner's motives.

In time, this initiates a separation. Freya then ignores an inner prompting to go to Peru until she is startled awake by a vision of a powerful golden angel thumping a rod insistently into the ground. She takes the hint and heads to Cusco, where she is taken into an inner circle and learns more about the changes to come. She meets an unusual American, who helps her to see that she has a propensity to help others at the expense of her own needs and which is actually causing her physical pain.

Insights gained do not stop her taking Bembe back into her life on her return to Scotland. Despite mounting evidence of his duplicity, she feels unable to cut off from him.

When a family crisis arises, Freya finds it takes all of her strength and power to navigate, while at the same time her awareness of the Void ramps up and threatens to overwhelm her. At this juncture Bembe steps up in a surprising way and plays a pivotal role in helping a major transition to take place within her family. Freya has a sense that at the same time there is a parallel transition being made through the Void, a pathway being created, which others can then walk with ease - the hard work done - into a changed world. 

Bembe, his mission, as he sees it, accomplished, heads back to Cuba.

Exhausted by the long struggles but with the Void safely traversed, Freya is tended to by an old friend who happens to pass by. Somewhat fortified, she is then contacted out of the blue by a mystic acquaintance of hers. She takes up his offer to work with him on what is to become a deeply helpful path.

This leads her to an astounding breakthrough, which will completely transform the way she perceives herself.’

Of the inspiration and purpose behind her books, Evelyn says:

‘My books are an attempt to make sense of many strange and at times unsettling experiences I have had from a young age, which led me to explore deeply the world of metaphysics in its various guises. We are, it seems, as a collective, on the cusp of some big shifts, and much of what I experienced seems to be a harbinger of this. Before these things were widely available or talked about, my journey of exploration led me to study with some notable healers and spiritual teachers and to delve deeply into the inner worlds of past lives, chakras, plant medicines, astrology and more. In my writings I attempt to distil some of what I have learned and experienced. I have chosen the format of fiction, which hopefully my readers will enjoy and be entertained by. And if anyone should find themselves identifying with what I write, in a way that is helpful to them, then that would indeed be a source of great satisfaction.


Always liking to keep things grounded and to find the humour where I can, my books may appeal to those on a similar journey of exploration, who are not attracted to the often ‘holier than thou’ approach of many self-styled new age prophets, whose goal seems to be escaping the everyday world. I firmly believe that our job in life is to become fully embodied, endeavouring in this way to bring heaven to earth. And have some laughs along the way for sure!’


Of her journey so far, Evelyn shares: 


‘This inner motivation to be embodied no doubt led me to choose to become a yoga practitioner and teacher back in the 80s, rather than pursue an academic career. My MA was in Religious Studies, specialising in Jewish Mysticism.


After 45 years of yoga teaching, I have stepped back in order to dedicate myself more fully to birthing my books - although it might be more accurate to say I was prised away from teaching by a recent heart issue which changed my energy levels and rather left me with no choice but to turn into my interior world. Luckily this suits me very well, and I do still run a couple of private classes for a few stalwart pupils. 


While raising my two amazing children I enjoyed helping out at their school with all the drama productions. I went on to write several plays for children and produced and directed one of them, The Ghost of Sadie Kimber, for the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe. I have also written a series of picture books for 4-7 year olds, although they are not yet available to buy.


I live contentedly in Edinburgh with my good companion and Argentine dance partner, and enjoy many trips to London and beyond to visit my beloveds, including my two awesome grandchildren. I dabble with dowsing, having done courses with Rory Duff, and discovered an aptitude for this. I enjoy tending to my garden and growing roses, and little strolls in nature bring me great joy.’


The Unbound Press cannot wait for Crossed Destinies to be birthed in all of its soul-stirring glory and we’re excited for its readers to experience Freya’s adventures! 


You can find out more about Evelyn and her work using the details below:



Instagram: @evelynmaud27


Facebook: Evelyn Maud


The Ghost of Sadie Kimber:


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