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Episode 98: Writing With The Angels

This episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club is introduced by our magical and oh-so-creative team member Jo Gifford, who reshares an old episode with you. Listen in to hear Nicola in conversation with Isobel Gatherer, an Intuitive Psychic and Channeller. As one of our most popular episodes, it’s a reminder that our archives are full of beautiful interviews, supportive conversations and valuable insights.

In this Episode:

  • Working with guardian angels and spirit

  • Getting in a motorhome and travelling

  • Receiving a download and channelled writing

  • Nicola’s angel reading by Isobel

  • Staying on the side of positivity

  • Making the present the most important part of your life

  • Self-responsibility equals power and love

  • Doing the work and teaching others

Links Mentioned:

The Unbound Book Incubator will be running again in September.

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