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Episode 80: Unbound Approaches to Unbound Books

In this episode of the Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola shares extracts from her Instagram Live interviews with unbound authors. She’s chosen juicy snippets from recent conversations with Sarah Lloyd, Zoë Foster, Carrie Myers and Jennifer Flint. Each of these incredible humans approaches writing in a different way – Nicola delves into their journeys. You can listen to the full interviews on Instagram, or catch future ones live on a Tuesday.

In this Episode:

  • Going beyond our traditional notions of motherhood

  • Blowing apart the way collaborations are done

  • People-pleasing and dimming your light

  • Deciding between writing fiction and non-fiction

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Jo on her website or Instagram.

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram.

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

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