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Episode 65: Cyclical Writing with Tara Jackson, Sarah Wheeler and Ceryn Rowntree

In this episode of Unbound Writer’s Club, Nicola is in conversation with a panel of authors from the Unbound Press – Tara Jackson, Ceryn Rowntree and Sarah Wheeler.

These unbound women explore the subject of cyclical writing – a key part of the unbound writing process.

In this Episode:

  • Harnessing the power of your cyclical nature to write in alignment

  • Allowing yourself to access the full spectrum of who you are

  • Creation processes varying by book

  • The influence of menstrual cycles and seasons

  • Your book honouring you and your cyclical nature

  • Finding the balance of regular writing

  • The seasons of your book

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Tara on Instagram.

Connect with Ceryn on Instagram.

Connect with Nicola on Instagram, and The UNBOUND Press on Instagram or Facebook here.

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